Short Scripts for 2-3 Kids

Short Scripts for 2-3 Kids

By: Marian Scadden (author)eBook


Young actors can have fun performing 15 short (2-5 min.) plays with a sibling, cousin or friend, in the living room, backyard, or wherever the opportunity exists. Many of the scripts in the collection are humorously based on well-known tales with twists so they can be performed by a cast of 2 or 3. Four of the plays can be performed by more. Basic stage terms & notes are included. Some of the scripts are: Brownilocks and a Bear; Billy Goats Gruff and the Troll; The Troubles of Little Bo Peep and Little Miss Muffet. The scripts that can have more performers are: Jack and the Beanstalk; The Three Little Pigs; Peter and the Wolf; and Hermes the Mischievous.

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