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     Science, religion, metaphysical, and spiritual books have failed to provide that elusive "enlightenment" that so many seek. The book SHOTTAMA breaks through all illusions and provides ready access to omnipotent power, unconditional freedom, and esoteric wisdoms.

     First, the true seeker is made fully aware of the fears, lies, deceits, traps, and dead-end beliefs that stand between you and the freedom of infinity and eternity. Science, religion, and intellectualism have purposely deceived us and led us astray, and are hereby exposed for what they are... No punches pulled!  Illusion, a freed belief, and the mastering of the inner faculty of imagination (Soul) is the golden keys herein revealed. This is not theory, speculation, or wishful fantasy, but provable for your "self" by yourself.

     This book exposes the lies, reveals the truths, and leads the reader to omnipotent enlightenment. Awe inspiring, eye-opening, controversial, yet simplified for layman comprehension. This is your opportunity to evolve from limited human to God-like being. This is the shocking truths, but also the accessible answers that mankind has sought forever. You will not be disappointed!


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