Simply Visual Basic 2010: An App-Driven Approach: International Edition (4th edition)

Simply Visual Basic 2010: An App-Driven Approach: International Edition (4th edition)

By: Harvey M. Deitel (author), Paul J. Deitel (author), Abbey Deitel (author)Mixed Media

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For introductory courses in Visual Basic Programming, offered in departments of Information Technology, Computer Science or Business.Merging the concept of a lab manual with that of a conventional textbook, the Deitels have crafted an innovative approach that enables students to learn programming while having a mentor-like book by their side. This best-seller blends the Deitel (TM) signature Live-Code (TM) Approach with their Application-Driven (TM) methodology. Students learn programming and Visual Basic by working through a set of applications. Each tutorial builds upon previously learned concepts while learning new ones. An abundance of self assessment exercises are available at the end of most chapters to reinforce key ideas. This approach makes it possible to cover a wealth of programming constructs within the Visual Basic 2010 environment.View the Deitel Buzz online to learn more about the newest publications from the Deitels.


Preface viii1 Test-Driving a Painter App 1Introducing Computers, the Internet and Visual Basic 11.1 Computing in Business, Industry and Research 11.2 Hardware and Software 51.3 Data Hierarchy 61.4 Computer Organization 81.5 Machine Languages, Assembly Languages and High-Level Languages 101.6 Object Technology 111.7 Microsoft's Windows (R) Operating System 131.8 Programming Languages 131.9 Visual Basic 141.10 The Internet and the World Wide Web 151.11 Microsoft .NET 161.12 Web 2.0: Going Social 171.13 Test-Driving the Visual Basic Advanced Painter App 211.14 Web Resources 241.15 Wrap-Up 242 Welcome App 37Introducing the Visual Basic 2010 Express IDE 372.1 Test-Driving the Welcome App 372.2 Overview of the Visual Studio 2010 IDE 382.3 Creating a Project for the Welcome App 402.4 Menu Bar and Toolbar 452.5 Navigating the Visual Studio IDE 47Solution Explorer 48Toolbox 49Properties Window 492.6 Using Help 512.7 Saving and Closing Projects in Visual Basic 532.8 Web Resources 532.9 Wrap-Up 543 Welcome App 65Introduction to Visual App Development 653.1 Test-Driving the Welcome App 653.2 Constructing the Welcome App 683.3 Objects Used in the App 783.4 Wrap-Up 784 Designing the Inventory App 106Introducing TextBoxes and Buttons 1064.1 Test-Driving the Inventory App 1064.2 Constructing the Inventory App 1084.3 Adding Labels to the Inventory App 1124.4 Adding TextBoxes and a Button to the Form 1154.5 Wrap-Up 1185 Completing the Inventory App 135Introducing Programming 1355.1 Test-Driving the Inventory App 1355.2 Introduction to Visual Basic Program Code 1365.3 Inserting an Event Handler 1395.4 Performing a Calculation and Displaying the Result 1435.5 Using the IDE to Eliminate Compilation Errors 1465.6 Wrap-Up 1496 Enhancing the Inventory App 163Introducing Variables, Memory Concepts and Arithmetic 1636.1 Test-Driving the Enhanced Inventory App 1636.2 Variables 1646.3 Handling the TextChanged Event 1676.4 Memory Concepts 1696.5 Arithmetic 1706.6 Using the Debugger: Breakpoints 1726.7 Wrap-Up 1757 Wage Calculator App 190Introducing Algorithms, Pseudocode and Program Control 1907.1 Test-Driving the Wage Calculator App 1907.2 Algorithms 1917.3 Pseudocode 1927.4 Control Statements 1937.5 If...Then Selection Statement 1957.6 If...Then...Else Selection Statement and Conditional If Expressions 1977.7 Constructing the Wage Calculator App 2007.8 Assignment Operators 2047.9 Formatting Text 2057.10 Using the Debugger: The Watch Window 2077.11 Wrap-Up 2108 Dental Payment App 225Introducing CheckBoxes and Message Dialogs 2258.1 Test-Driving the Dental Payment App 2258.2 Designing the Dental Payment App 2288.3 Using CheckBoxes 2298.4 Using a Dialog to Display a Message 2318.5 Logical Operators 235Using AndAlso 235Using OrElse 236Short-Circuit Evaluation 237Using Xor 237Using Not 2378.6 Designer-Generated Code 2408.7 Wrap-Up 2419 Car Payment Calculator App 256Introducing the Do While...Loop and Do Until...Loop Repetition Statements 2569.1 Test-Driving the Car Payment Calculator App 2569.2 Do While...Loop Repetition Statement 2589.3 Do Until...Loop Repetition Statement 2609.4 Constructing the Car Payment Calculator App 2629.5 Wrap-Up 26910 Class Average App 282Introducing the Do...Loop While and Do...Loop Until Repetition Statements 28210.1 Test-Driving the Class Average App 28210.2 Do...Loop While Repetition Statement 28410.3 Do...Loop Until Repetition Statement 28610.4 Creating the Class Average App 28810.5 Wrap-Up 29411 Interest Calculator Application 308Introducing the For...Next Repetition Statement and NumericUpDown Control 30811.1 Test-Driving the Interest Calculator Application 30811.2 Essentials of Counter-Controlled Repetition 31011.3 Introducing the For...Next Repetition Statement 31111.4 Examples Using the For...Next Statement 31511.5 Constructing the Interest Calculator Application 31511.6 Wrap-Up 32312 Security Panel Application 332Introducing the Select Case Multiple-Selection Statement 33212.1 Test-Driving the Security Panel Application 33212.2 Introducing the Select Case Multiple-Selection Statement 33412.3 Constructing the Security Panel Application 33612.4 Wrap-Up 34413 Enhancing the Wage Calculator Application 352Introducing Function Procedures and Sub Procedures 35213.1 Test-Driving the Enhanced Wage Calculator Application 35213.2 Classes and Procedures 35313.3 Function Procedures 35413.4 Using Sub Procedures in the Wage Calculator Application 36313.5 Using the Debugger: Debugging Controls 36813.6 Optional Parameters 37213.7 Wrap-Up 37314 Shipping Time Application 381Using Dates and Timers 38114.1 Test-Driving the Shipping Time Application 38114.2 Date Variables 382Declaring a Date Variable 382Using Date Members 38314.3 Creating the Shipping Time Application: Design Elements 38514.4 Creating the Shipping Time Application: Inserting Code 39114.5 Wrap-Up 39915 Fund Raiser Application 408Introducing Scope, Pass-by-Reference and Option Strict 40815.1 Test-Driving the Fund Raiser Application 40815.2 Constructing the Fund Raiser Application 41015.3 Passing Arguments: Pass-by-Value vs. Pass-by-Reference 41615.4 Option Strict 41915.5 Wrap-Up 42616 Craps Game Application 433Introducing Random-Number Generation and Enum 43316.1 Test-Driving the Craps Game Application 43316.2 Random-Number Generation 43616.3 Constructing the Craps Game Application 43816.4 Using Random Numbers in the Craps Game Application 44216.5 Wrap-Up 44917 Flag Quiz Application 455Introducing One-Dimensional Arrays and ComboBoxes 45517.1 Test-Driving the Flag Quiz Application 45517.2 Introducing Arrays 45817.3 Declaring and Allocating Arrays 45917.4 Constructing the Flag Quiz Application 46317.5 Sorting Arrays 47517.6 Wrap-Up 47718 Introducing Two-Dimensional Arrays and RadioButtons 48618.1 Test-Driving the Student Grades Application 48618.2 Two-Dimensional Rectangular Arrays 48818.3 Using RadioButtons 49018.4 Inserting Code into the Student Grades Application 49318.5 Wrap-Up 50419 Microwave Oven Application 511Building Your Own Classes and Objects 51119.1 Test-Driving the Microwave Oven Application 51219.2 Designing the Microwave Oven Application 51419.3 Adding a New Class to the Project 51819.4 Initializing Class Objects: Constructors 52119.5 Properties 52319.6 Completing the Microwave Oven Application 52619.7 Controlling Access to Members 53319.8 Using the Debugger: The Locals Window 53919.9 Wrap-Up 54220 Shipping Hub Application 552Introducing Generic Collections, LINQ, For Each...Next andAccess Keys 55220.1 Test-Driving the Shipping Hub Application 55220.2 Package Class 55520.3 Using Properties TabIndex and TabStop 55520.4 Using Access Keys 55720.5 Collections 55820.6 Shipping Hub Application: Using Class List(Of T) 55920.7 For Each...Next Repetition Statement 56920.8 Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) 57120.9 Wrap-Up 57721 Typing Application 586Introducing Keyboard Events, Menus, Dialogs and the Dictionary Collection 58621.1 Test-Driving the Typing Application 58621.2 Anal21.5 Menus 59821.6 Wrap-Up 60922 Screen Scraping Application 619Introducing String Processing 61922.1 Test-Driving the Screen Scraping Application 61922.2 Fundamentals of Strings 62122.3 Analyzing the Screen Scraping Application 62222.4 Locating Substrings in Strings 62322.5 Extracting Substrings from Strings 62622.6 Replacing Substrings in Strings 62722.7 Other String Methods 62922.8 Wrap-Up 63123 Ticket Information Application 639Introducing Sequential-Access Files 63923.1 Test-Driving the Ticket Information Application 63923.2 Data Hierarchy 64123.3 Files and Streams 64323.4 Writing to a File-Creating the Write Event Application 64323.5 Building the Ticket Information Application 65323.6 Using LINQ and Class File to Extract Data from a Text File 66323.7 Wrap-Up 66724 Address Book Application 677Introducing Database Programming 67724.1 Test-Driving the Address Book Application 67724.2 Planning the Address Book Application 68124.3 Creating Database Connections 68224.4 Programming the Address Book Application 69024.5 Wrap-Up 69625 Enhanced Car Payment Calculator Application 704Introducing Exception Handling 70425.1 Test-Driving the Enhanced Car Payment Calculator Application 70425.2 Introduction to Exception Handling 70725.3 Exception Handling in Visual Basic 70825.4 Constructing the Enhanced Car Payment Calculator Application 70925.5 Additional Exception Handling Capabilities 71525.6 Wrap-Up 71626 CheckWriter Application 722Introducing Graphics and Printing 72226.1 Test-Driving the CheckWriter Application 72226.2 GDI+ Introduction 72426.3 Constructing the CheckWriter Application 72526.4 PrintPreviewDialogs and PrintDocuments 72826.5 Creating an Event Handler for the CheckWriter Application 72826.6 Graphics Objects: Colors, Lines and Shapes 731Colors 731Drawing Lines, Rectangles and Ovals 73226.7 Printing Each Control of the CheckWriter Application 73326.8 Font Class 73626.9 Previewing and Printing the Check 73826.10 Wrap-Up 74427 "Cat and Mouse" Painter Application 752Introducing Graphics with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Mouse Events 75227.1 Test-Driving the Painter Application 75227.2 Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 75427.3 XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) 75527.4 Creating the Painter Application's GUI in WPF 75627.5 Constructing the Painter Application 76827.6 Handling the MouseLeftButtonDown Event 77027.7 Handling the MouseLeftButtonUp Event 77427.8 Handling the MouseMove Event 77527.9 Handling Right Mouse Button Events 77727.10 Select Colors with RadioButtons 77927.11 Wrap-Up 78328 Bookstore Web Application 794Introducing Visual Web Developer 2010 Express and the ASP.NET Development Server 79428.1 Multitier Architecture 79428.2 Web Servers 79528.3 Visual Web Developer 2010 Express and the ASP.NET Development Server 79728.4 Test-Driving the Bookstore Web Application 79728.5 Wrap-Up 80129 Bookstore Web Application: Client Tier 805Introducing Web Controls 80529.1 Analyzing the Bookstore Web Application 80529.2 Creating ASPX Pages 80629.3 Designing the Books.aspx Page 81129.4 Designing the BookInformation.aspx Page 81629.5 Wrap-Up 82030 Bookstore Web Application: Information Tier 828Examining the Database and Creating Database Components 82830.1 Reviewing the Bookstore Web Application 82830.2 Information Tier: Database 83030.3 Connecting to the Database and Retrieving Information 83030.4 Wrap-Up 83631 Bookstore Application: Middle Tier 839Introducing Code-Behind Files, Session State and ASP.NET Ajax 83931.1 Reviewing the Bookstore Web Application 83931.2 Programming the Books Page's Code-Behind File 84131.3 Coding the BookInformation Page's Code-Behind File and Data Binding to the DetailsView84531.4 ASP.NET Ajax 85031.5 Internet and Web Resources 85531.6 Wrap-Up 855A Operator Precedence Chart 906B ASCII Character Set 907C GUI Design Guidelines 908D Visual Basic 2010 Express Windows Form Designer Tools 913D.1 Internet and Web Resources 917E Keyword Chart 918F Primitive Data Types 920

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