Sisters from the Start and My Pen Lay Still Not

Sisters from the Start and My Pen Lay Still Not

By: Sylvia Johnson-Cooper (author)eBook
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SISTERS FROM THE START is an extraordinary story of seven women, all with the names of gems - Pearl, Opal, Emerald, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot - each bearing terrible scars from childhood and previous marriages, which meet and instantaneously see something of themselves in each other. Rapidly developing a firm friendship, they are astounded to discover that they are in fact all sisters.

As they discover more about themselves, they run million dollar businesses, and escalate an "I CARE. YOU CARE. WE CARE." campaign to feed, clothe, house, and provide medical care to the poorest, homeless, and unfortunate people of Houston. The awesome power of seven sisters is transversely credence. Do they have magic power like their father, Diamond Hilton?

The author's writing style is fluid, engaging the reader in the narrative as it unfolds. The larger than life central characters are vividly depicted, evoking the reader's interest and empathy as they embark on a path to new and fulfilled lives.

MY PEN LAY STILL NOT is an upheaval thirty years journey about Cheyenne Phoenix Coyote, the 'Red-haired Gal' of a family with three sets of dark- straight-hair triplets. She suffers many hardships from illness to lost loves to rape to sodomy to lost loves.

These uncontrolled circumstances cause Cheyenne heartaches, promiscuity, impaired judgment, and to become manic-depressive. Follow her from three failed marriages to the same man to one-night stands to a pen pal that loves her unconditionally.

You will laugh and cry with this fabulous lass as she burns herself to death and rises from the ashes like a Phoenix.

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