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By: Andrew Holmes (author)eBook


A witty satire on the world of celebrity... Sleb is terribly clever... Andrew Holmes, like the departed Felix Carter, could be far more than a one-hit wonder... Deliciously sharp celebrity satire. Heat readers will love it""- Heat Magazine Here’s a top tip for the heavy drinker… Never get drunk and force your way into the home of the country’s biggest pop star wielding a gun. It’s bound to go off, big time. Christopher Sewell is famous. He used to be an advertising sales executive with a wife, a drink problem and not much more. Now he’s serving life for the murder of Felix Carter, who used to be a famous pop star with an acting career, a drink problem and the world at his feet. Only he’s dead now. How and why Chris killed Felix is a mystery. Until, that is, he agrees to give a single interview from prison. Just the one interview, mind. You know what these celebrities are like… Tremendously sharp and at times laugh-out-loud, this is a delicious satire about celebrities and their fans, and the way the media attempts both to satisfy and to inflame our obsession with success.

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  • publication date: 01/06/2015
  • ID: 9781909122031
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Acorn Digital Press Ltd
  • publisher imprint: G & H editions

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