Social Cognition (SAGE Library in Social Psychology)

Social Cognition (SAGE Library in Social Psychology)

By: Susan T. Fiske (editor)Hardback

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All human interactions are conditioned on social cognition and, in turn, influence social cognition: it is a core field in social psychology, and now it also overlaps social neuroscience, social and cognitive development, behavioural economics, health psychology, diversity science, and more. This four-volume collection brings together some of the most influential and important articles to have come out of the field over the past decades, as well as taking in modern developments which reflect just how vital the subject still is today. Volume One: Basic Concepts in Social Cognition Volume Two: Topics in Social Cognition: Self, Attributions, Heuristics, and Inferences Volume Three: Topics in Social Cognition: Cognitive Approaches to Attitudes, Stereotyping and Prejudice Volume Four: Beyond Cognition: Affect and Behaviour

About Author

Susan T. Fiske is Eugene Higgins Professor, Psychology and Public Affairs, Princeton University (Ph.D., Harvard University; honorary doctorates, Universite Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium; Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands; Universitat Basel, Switzerland). She investigates social cognition, especially cognitive stereotypes and emotional prejudices, at cultural, interpersonal, and neuro-scientific levels. Author of over 300 publications and winner of numerous scientific awards, she has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Sponsored by a Guggenheim, her 2011 Russell-Sage-Foundation book is Envy Up, Scorn Down: How Status Divides Us. Her most recent book is The HUMAN Brand: How We Respond to People, Products, and Companies (with Chris Malone, 2013). With Shelley Taylor, she has written four editions of a classic text: Social Cognition (2013, 4/e) and on her own, three editions of Social Beings: Core Motives in Social Psychology (2013, 3/e). She has lately edited Beyond Common Sense: Psychological Science in the Courtroom (2008), the Handbook of Social Psychology (2010, 5/e), Social Neuroscience (2011), the Sage Handbook of Social Cognition (2012), and Facing Social Class: How Societal Rank Influences Interaction (2012). Currently an editor of Annual Review of Psychology, PNAS, and Policy Insights from Behavioral and Brain Sciences, she is also President of the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Her graduate students arranged for her to win the University's Mentoring Award, and international advisees arranged for her to win the APS Mentoring Award.


VOLUME ONE PART ONE: INTRODUCTION Forming Impressions of Personality - S.E. Asch The Weirdest People in the World? - Joseph Henrich, Steven Heine and Ara Norenzayan The Emergence of Social Cognitive Neuroscience - Kevin Ochsner and Matthew Lieberman The Sovereignty of Social Cognition - Thomas Ostrom PART TWO: DUAL MODES IN SOCIAL COGNITION Habits as Knowledge Structures - Henk Aarts and Ap Dijksterhuis Automaticity in Goal-Directed Behavior Automaticity of Social Behavior - John Bargh, Mark Chen and Lara Burrows Direct Effects of Trait Construct and Stereotype Activation on Action On Cognitive Busyness - David Gilbert, Brett Pelham and Douglas Krull When Person Perceivers Meet Persons Perceived Paradoxical Effects of Thought Suppression - Daniel Wegner et al PART THREE: ATTENTION AND ENCODING The Perceptual Determinants of Person Construal - Jasmin Cloutier, Malia Mason and C.Neil Macrae Re-Opening the Social-Cognitive Toolbox Attention and Weight in Person Perception - Susan Fiske The Impact of Negative and Extreme Behavior Category Accessibility and Impression Formation - E.Tory Higgins, William Rholes and Carl Jones First Impressions - Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov Making up Your Mind after a 100-Ms Exposure to a Face PART FOUR: REPRESENTATION IN MEMORY Social Cognition - C. Neil Macrae and Galen Bodenhausen Thinking Categorically about Others Associative Storage and Retrieval Processes in Person Memory - Thomas Srull, Meryl Lichenstein and Myron Rothbart Experiencing Physical Warmth Promotes Interpersonal Warmth - Lawrence Williams and John Bargh VOLUME TWO PART FIVE: SELF IN SOCIAL COGNITION What the Social Brain Sciences Can Tell us about the Self - Todd Heatherton, C. Neil Macrae and William Kelley Culture and the Self - Hazel Rose Markus and Shinobu Kitayama Implications for Cognition, Emotion and Motivation Agreeable Fancy or Disagreeable Truth? Reconciling Self-Enhancement and Self-Verification - William Swann, Jr., Brett Pelham and Douglas Krull Illusion and Well-Being - Shelley Taylor and Jonathon Brown A Social Psychological Perspective on Mental Health PART SIX: ATTRIBUTION PROCESSES Attributions on the Brain - Lasana Harris, Alexander Todorov and Susan Fiske Neuro-Imaging Dispositional Inferences, beyond Theory of Mind The Actor-Observer Asymmetry in Attribution - Bertram Malle A (Surprising) Meta-Analysis The How and What of Why - Leslie Ann McArthur Some Determinants and Consequences of Causal Attribution PART SEVEN: HEURISTICS AND SHORTCUTS: EFFICIENCY IN INFERENCE AND DECISION-MAKING Perspective-Taking as Egocentric Anchoring and Adjustment - Nicholas Epley et al What Constitutes Torture? Psychological Impediments to an Objective Evaluation of Enhanced Interrogation Tactics - Loran Nordgren et al Objectivity in the Eye of the Beholder - Emily Pronin, Thomas Gilovich and Lee Ross Divergent Perceptions of Bias in Self versus Others Judgment under Uncertainty - Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman Heuristics and Biases PART EIGHT: ACCURACY AND EFFICIENCY IN SOCIAL INFERENCE The Use of Statistical Heuristics in Everyday Inductive Reasoning - Richard Nisbett et al Perseverance in Self-Perception and Social Perception - Lee Ross, Mark Lepper and Michael Hubbard Biased Attributional Processes in the Debriefing Paradigm Quest for Accuracy in Person Perception - William Swann A Matter of Pragmatics VOLUME THREE PART NINE: COGNITIVE STRUCTURES OF ATTITUDES Attitude Representation - Frederica Conrey and Eliot Smith Attitudes as Patterns in a Distributed, Connectionist Representational System Attitude Research in the 21st Century - Alice Eagly and Shelly Chaiken The Current State of Knowledge Attitude Strength - Jon Krosnick et al One Construct or Many Related Constructs? PART TEN: COGNITIVE PROCESSING OF ATTITUDES Heuristic versus Systematic Information-Processing and the Use of Source versus Message Cues in Persuasion - Shelly Chaiken Implicit Measures in Social Cognition Research - Russell Fazio and Michael Olson Their meaning and Use Issue Involvement Can Increase or Decrease Persuasion by Enhancing Message-Relevant Cognitive Response - Richard Petty and John Cacioppo PART ELEVEN: STEREOTYPING: COGNITION AND BIAS A Model of (Often Mixed) Stereotype Content - Susan Fiske et al Competence and Warmth Respectively Follow from Perceived Status and Competition Reducing Intergroup Bias - Samuel Gaertner et al The Benefits of Re-Categorization Intergroup Bias - Miles Hewstone, Mark Rubin and Hazel Willis Stereotypes as Energy-Saving Devices - C.Neil Macrae, Alan Milne and Galen Bodenhausen A Peek inside the Cognitive Toolbox PART TWELVE: PREJUDICE: INTERPLAY OF COGNITIVE AND AFFECTIVE BIASES Social Categorization and Stereotyping in Vivo - Galen Bodenhausen and Destiny Peery The VUCA Challenge Sexual Prejudice - G.M. Herek and K. McLemore An Inconvenienced Youth - Michael North and Susan Fiske Ageism and Its Potential Intergenerational Roots When Prejudice Does Not Pay - Jennifer Richeson and J. Nicole Shelton Effects of Interracial Contact on Executive Function Prescriptive Gender Stereotypes and Backlash toward Agentic Women - Laurie Rudman and Peter Glick VOLUME FOUR PART THIRTEEN: FROM SOCIAL COGNITION TO AFFECT The Relational Self - Susan Andersen and Serena Chen An Interpersonal Social-Cognitive Theory The Experience of Emotion - Lisa Feldman Barrett et al Inhibiting and Facilitating Conditions of the Human Smile - Fritz Strack, Leonard Martin and Sabine Stepper A Non-Obtrusive Test of the Facial Feedback Hypothesis PART FOURTEEN: FROM AFFECT TO SOCIAL COGNITION Discrete Emotions and Persuasion - David DeSteno et al The Role of Emotion-Induced Expectancies Fear, Anger and Risk - Jennifer Lerner and Dacher Keltner Embodiment in Attitudes, Social Perception and Emotion - Paula Niedenthal et al Feeling and Thinking - R.B. Zajonc Preferences Need no Inferences A Cognitive Loop? PART FIFTEEN: BEHAVIOR AND COGNITION Implementation Intentions and Efficient Action Initiation - Veronika Brandstatter, Angelika Lengfelder and Peter Gollwitzer The Chameleon Effect - Tanya Chartrand and John Bargh The Perception-Behavior Link and Social Interaction Telling More Than We Can Know - Richard Nisbett and Timothy DeCamp Wilson Verbal Reports on Mental Processes A Look at Motivated Strategies The Non-Verbal Mediation of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in Interracial Interaction - Carl Word, Mark Zanna and Joel Cooper

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