Social Marketing (SAGE Library in Marketing)

Social Marketing (SAGE Library in Marketing)

By: R. Craig Lefebvre (editor)Hardback

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The theory and practice of social marketing has steadily been gaining significance following its conception over four decades ago, and has since been adopted by an ever expanding group of practitioners, academics, researchers and policymakers in governments around the world. A key feature underlined in this work is how social marketing stands apart from other approaches to health promotion and disease prevention, environmental sustainability, safety and injury prevention and other topics, by searching for population level impacts that can be achieved by: " Using marketing techniques such as audience segmentation " Implementing product and service development " Realigning incentives and removing barriers to behaviour change " Increasing opportunities to practice healthier and more socially beneficial behaviours " Creating communication strategies to promote, encourage and support positive behaviour changes that ultimately benefit society as a whole. Bringing together seminal texts from diverse sources, this six-volume set - framed by a newly written introductory chapter - seeks to organize the field of social marketing, highlight its global scope and contributions, and present its current growth and dynamism. Volume One: Social marketing: Conceptual frameworks and common ground Volume Two: Social marketing in the developed world Volume Three: Social marketing in developing countries - Part One Volume Four: Social marketing in developing countries - Part Two Volume Five: Applications of Social Marketing for Sustainable Behavior and Environmental Protection Volume Six: Social marketing: Deepening and expanding the impact

About Author

R. Craig Lefebvre, PhD is an architect and designer of public health and social change programs. He is the chief maven at socialShift, the socialdesign, marketing and media consultancy located in Sarasota, FL. Dr. Lefebvre also holds appointments as a Research Professor at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, University of Maryland School of Public Health and the University of South Florida College of Public Health. His current research focuses on applying design thinking, social media and mobile technologies in social marketing and public health programs. Craig is the author of over 100 publications in the areas of community health promotion, social marketing, social and mobile media and public health and has made over 250 presentations at professional meetings and invited venues around the world.


VOLUME ONE: SOCIAL MARKETING: CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORKS AND COMMON GROUND The Pioneers - Philip Harvey Social Marketing - Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman An Approach to Planned Social Change Health Service Marketing - Gerald Zaltman and Ilan Vertinsky A Suggested Model The Marketing of Social Causes - Karen Fox and Philip Kotler The First 10 Years Problems and Challenges in Social Marketing - Paul Bloom and William Novelli Cultural and Structural Impediments to Social Marketing - Richard Manoff Social Marketing and Public Health Intervention - R. Craig Lefebvre and June Flora Social Marketing in the Alcohol Policy Arena - Glen Murray and Ronald Douglas Strategies to Maintain and Institutionalize Successful Programs - R. Craig Lefebvre A Marketing Framework Social Marketing for Public Health - Diana Chapman Walsh et al Social Marketing - David Buchanan, Sasiragha Reddy and Zafar Hossain A Critical Appraisal Social Marketing - G.B. Hastings and A.J. Haywood A Critical Response Strategic Questions for Consumer-Based Health Communications - Sharyn Sutton, George Balch and R. Craig Lefebvre Social Propaganda and Social Marketing - Nicholas O'Shaughnessy A Critical Difference? Integrating Social Marketing, Community Readiness and Media Advocacy in Community-Based Prevention Efforts - Michael Slater, Kathleen Kelly and Ruth Edwards Marketing Social Marketing in the Social Change Marketplace - Alan Andreasen Ethical Challenges of Social Marketing - George Brenkert Relational Paradigms in Social Marketing - Gerald Hastings Communication and Marketing as Tools to Cultivate the Public's Health - Edward Maibach, Lorien Abroms and Mark Marosits A Proposed 'People and Places' Framework Community-Based Prevention Marketing - Carol Bryant et al A New Planning Framework for Designing and Tailoring Health Promotion Interventions Navigating the Central Tensions in Research on At-Risk Consumers - Cornelia Pechmann et al Challenges and Opportunities Health Communication and Social Marketing - Guide to Community Preventive Services Health Communication Campaigns That Include Mass Media and Health-Related Product Distribution VOLUME TWO: SOCIAL MARKETING IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD PART ONE: FAMILY PLANNING AND HIV PREVENTION Social Marketing - Adel El-ansary and Oscar Kramer The Family Planning Experience Social Marketing and Diffusion-Based Strategies for Communicating with Unique Populations - James Dearing et al HIV Prevention in San Francisco The Solaar HIV Prevention Program for Gay and Bisexual Latino Men - Ross Conner et al Using Social Marketing to Build Capacity for Service Provision and Evaluation PART TWO: CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION The National High Blood Pressure Education Program - Edward Roccella and Graham Ward A Description of Its Utility as a Generic Program Model Characteristics of Participants in Community Health Promotion Programs - R. Craig Lefebvre Four-Year Results Use of Database Marketing and Consumer-Based Health Communication in Message Design - R. Craig Lefebvre et al An Example from the Office of Cancer Communications' 'Five a Day for Better Health' Program TARPARE - Robert Donovan, Garry Egger and Mark Francas A Method for Selecting Target Audiences for Public Health Interventions Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Population Health Social Marketing Campaigns in Australia - Andrew Milat, Tom Carroll and Jennifer Taylor A Consideration of Evidence and Related Evaluation Issues An In-Depth Interview Study of Health-Care Policy Professionals and Their Research Needs - Sharyn Sutton and Elizabeth Thompson Branding Behavior - W. Douglas Evans et al The Strategy behind the Truth (TM) Campaign The Influence of the National Truth Campaign on Smoking Initiation - Matthew Farrelly et al Prevention Effects of an Anti-Tobacco Brand on Adolescent Smoking Initiation - Douglas Evans et al Evaluation of a National Physical Activity Intervention for Children - Marian Huhman et al VERB (TM) Campaign, 2002-2004 Exploring the Influence of the VERB (TM) Brand Using a Brand Equity Framework - Simani Price et al The Impact of Multiple Channel Delivery of Nutrition Messages on Student Knowledge, Motivation and Behavior - R. Craig Lefebvre, Carol Olander and Elyse Levine Results from the Team Nutrition Pilot Study Development of a Community Cancer Education Program - Robert Michielutte et al The Forsyth County, N.C. Cervical Cancer Prevention Project Effects of Social Intervention on Detection and Efficacy of Treatment for Arterial Hypertension - T. Zdrojewski et al PART THREE: OTHER HEALTH TOPICS Increasing Breastfeeding and Reducing Smoking in Pregnancy - R.J. Lowry et al A Social Marketing Success Improving Life Chances for Children The Shoreline Project for Street Drinkers - Steve James and Heather Skinner Designing and Running a Supported Housing Project for the 'Unhouseable' Implementing Mental-Health Promotion - Robert Donovan et al The Act-Belong-Commit Mentally Healthy W.A. Campaign in Western Australia Social Marketing Analysis of Two Years of Hand Hygiene Promotion - Manuel Mah, Yat Cho Tam and Sameer Deshpande PART FOUR: INJURY PREVENTION AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH Implementing a Community-Based Social Marketing Project to Improve Agricultural Worker Health - Joan Flocks et al Use of Occupational Ethnography and Social Marketing Strategies to Develop a Safety Awareness Campaign for Coal Miners - Elaine Cullen, Lori Matthews and Theodore Teske The Social Marketing of Safety Behaviors - Julie Sorensen et al A Quasi-Randomized Controlled Trial of Tractor Retrofitting Incentives PART FIVE: OTHER ISSUES FOR SOCIAL MARKETING The Effectiveness of Social Marketing Interventions for Health Improvement - Ross Gordon et al What's the Evidence? Improving Access to Smoking Cessation Services for Disadvantaged Groups - Rachael Murray et al A Systematic Re-Launching a National Social Marketing Campaign - Guy Faulkner et al Expectations and Challenges for the 'New' ParticipACTION Impact of the California Project LEAN School Board Member Social Marketing Campaign - Robert McDermott et al Partnerships for Social Marketing Programs - R. Craig Lefebvre An Example from the National Bone Health Campaign A Social Marketing Model for Disseminating Research-Based Treatments to Addictions Treatment Providers - Garth Martin et al A Social Marketing Approach to Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in VHA QUERI - Jeff Luck et al The TIDES Depression Collaborative Care Model The Nature, Development and Contribution of Social Marketing to Public Health Practice since 2004 in England - Jeff French VOLUME THREE: SOCIAL MARKETING APPLICATIONS IN DELEVEOPING COUNTRIES Social Marketing and Development - Ruby Roy Dholakia and Nihilesh Dholakia PART ONE: FAMILY PLANNING AND HIV/AIDS Community-Based Distribution - T.R.L. Black The Distributive Potential and Economics of a Social Marketing Approach to Family Planning Measuring the Effectiveness of Contraceptive Marketing Programs - John Davies and Terrence Louis Preethi in Sri Lanka Contraceptive Social Marketing and Community-Based Distribution Systems in Columbia - Ricardo Vernon, Gabriel Ojeda and Marcia Townsend The Simple Analytics of Contraceptive Social Marketing - Jere Behrman Branding in Contraceptive Social Marketing - Nayyer Samad, Sonny Nwankwo and Ayantunji Gbadamosi The Pakistani Experience The Performance of Social Marketing in Reaching the Poor and Impossible in AIDS Control Programs - Neil Price Evaluation of the Reach and Impact of the 100% Jeune Youth Social Marketing Program in Cameroon - Andrea Plautz and Dominique Meekers Findings from Three Cross-Sectional Surveys Evaluation of a Needle Social Marketing Strategy to Control HIV among Injecting Drug Users in China - Zunyou Wu The Importance of Socioeconomic Context for Social Marketing Models for Improving Reproductive Health - Dominique Meekers and Stephen Rahaim Evidence from 55 Years of Program Experience Ends versus Means - Kara Hanson, Lilani Kumaranayake and Ian Thomas The Role of Markets in Expanding Access to Contraceptives Reproductive Health in Today's World - Rob Stephenson et al Franchising Reproductive Health Services PART TWO: ORAL REHYDRATION THERAPY AND NUTRITION Social Marketing of Oral Rehydration Therapy and Contraceptives in Egypt - Karen Fox Oral Rehydration Therapy and Social Marketing in Rural Kenya - P.R. Kenya et al Evaluation of a Social Marketing Intervention Promoting Oral Rehydration Salts in Burundi - Sethson Kassegne, Megan Kays and Jerome Nzohabonayo Impact of a Social Marketing Campaign Promoting Dark-Green Leafy Vegetables and Eggs in Central Java, Indonesia - S. de Pee et al Positive Impact of a Weekly Iron-Folic Acid Supplement Delivered with Social Marketing to Cambodian Women - Byron Crape et al Compliance, Participation and Hemoglobin Levels Increase with Higher Socioeconomic Status Social Marketing Improved the Consumption of Iron-Fortified Soy Sauce among Women in China - Xinying Sun et al VOLUME FOUR: SOCIAL MARKETING IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES - PART TWO PART THREE: MALARIA CONTROL Effect of Large-Scale Social Marketing of Insecticide-Treated Nets on Child Survival in Rural Tanzania - Joanna Armstrong Schellenberg et al DEET Mosquito Repellent Sold through Social Marketing Provides Personal Protection against Malaria in an Area of All-Night Mosquito-Biting and Partial Coverage of Insecticide-Treated Nets - Mark Rowland et al A Case-Control Study of Effectiveness Mosquito Nets and the Poor - Rose Nathan Masanja et al Can Social Marketing Redress Inequalities in Access? Reduction of Childhood Malaria by Social Marketing of Insecticide-Treated Nets - Don Mathanga et al A Case-Control Study of Effectiveness in Malawi Comparison of Coverage with Insecticide-Treated Nets in a Tanzanian Town and Villages Where Nets and Insecticide Are Either Marketed or Provided Free of Charge - C.A. Maxwell et al The Impact of a Hybrid Social Marketing Intervention on Inequities in Access, Ownership and Use of Insecticide-Treated Nets - Sohail Agha et al Access to Artemisinin Combination Therapy for Malaria in Remote Areas of Cambodia - Shunmay Yeung et al Comparative Cost Analysis of Insecticide-Treated Net Delivery Strategies - Manuela De Allegri et al Sales Supported by Social Marketing and Free Distribution through Antenatal Care Improvements in Access to Malaria Treatment in Tanzania Following Community, Retail Sector and Health Facility Interventions - Sandra Alba et al A User Perspective PART FOUR: WATER-BOURNE DISEASES AND SANITATION Community Involvement in Social Marketing - W.R. Brieger, J. Ramakrishna and J.D. Adeniyi Guineaworm Control Sustainability of a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education Project in Rural Bangladesh - B.A. Hoque et al A Five-Year Follow-up Increasing Equity of Access to Point-of-Use Water Treatment Products through Social Marketing and Entrepreneurship - M.C. Freeman et al A Case Study in Western Kenya Behavioral Indicators of Household Decision-Making and Demand for Sanitation and Potential Gains from Social Marketing in Ghana - Marion Jenkins and Beth Scott Bringing Safe Water to Remote Populations - Pavani Kalluri Ram et al An Evaluation of a Portable Point-of-Use Intervention in Rural Madagascar PART FIVE: OTHER APPLICATIONS Promotion of Physical Activity in a Developing Country - Victor Matsudo et al The Agita Sao Paulo Experience Achieving Sustainability of Community-Based Dengue Control in Santiago de Cuba - Maria Toledo Romani et al Social Franchising of T.B. Care through Private G.P.s in Myanmar - Knut Loennroth et al An Assessment of Treatment Results, Access, Equity and Financial Protection VOLUME FIVE: APPLICATIONS OF SOCIAL MARKETING FOR SUSTAINABLE BEHAVIOUR AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Social Marketing for the Environment - Edward Maibach Using Information Campaigns to Promote Environmental Awareness and Behavior Change Promoting Sustainable Behavior - Doug McKenzie-Mohr An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing Recycling as a Marketing Problem - L.J. Shrum et al A Framework for Strategy Development Characterizing Participants in Activities Protecting the Environment - Kent Granzin and Jeneen Olsen A Focus on Donating, Recycling and Conservation Behaviors Implementing a Community-Based Social Marketing Program to Increase Recycling - Tracey Haldeman and Jeanine Warisse Turner Household Preferences for Energy-Saving Measures - Wouter Poortinga et al A Conjoint Analysis Delivery and Impact of Household Waste Prevention Intervention Campaigns (at the Local Level) - Veronica Sharp, Sara Giorgi and David Wilson Integrating Social Marketing into Sustainable Resource Management at Padre Island National Seashore - Po-Hsin Lai et al An Attitude-Based Segmentation Approach Preferences of Older People for Environmental Attributes of Local Parks - Susana Alves et al The Use of Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis A Social Marketing Approach to Landowner Education - C.B. Tyson, S.H. Broderick and L.B. Snyder What's the Catch? Reducing Consumption of Contaminated Fish among Anglers - Tiffany Jonick et al Use of Social Marketing Concepts to Evaluate Ocean Sustainability Campaigns - Cynthia Bates The Cultural Touch - Suzie Boss Toward a Stakeholder-Based Policy Process - John Altman and Ed Petkus,Jr. An Application of the Social Marketing Perspective to Environmental Policy Development Information, Incentives and Pro-Environmental Consumer Behaviors - Paul Stern Communication and Marketing as Climate Change-Intervention Assets - Edward Maibach et al A Public Health Perspective VOLUME SIX: SOCIAL MARKETING: DEEPENING AND EXPANDING THE IMPACT Ready to Fly Solo? Reducing Social Marketing's Dependence on Commercial Marketing Theory - Sue Peattie and Ken Peattie Social Marketing's Myth-Understandings - Rob Donovan Extending the Vision of Social Marketing through Social Capital Theory - Alicia Glenane-Antoniads et al Marketing in the Context of Intricate Exchange and Market Failure The Critical Contribution of Social Marketing - Gerard Hastings and Michael Saren Theory and Application Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing - Stephen Vargo and Robert Lusch The New Technology - R. Craig Lefebvre The Consumer as Participant Rather Than Target Audience Design Thinking for Social Innovation - Tim Brown and Jocelyn Wyatt Does Social Marketing Provide a Framework for Changing Health-Care Practice? - Zoe Slote Morris and Peter John Clarkson Transforming Consumer Health - Debra Scammon et al De-Marketing Tobacco through Governmental Policies - Edward Shiu, Louise Hassan and Gianfranco Walsh The 4Ps Revisited Behavioral Economics and Marketing in Aid of Decision-Making among the Poor - Marianne Bertrand, Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir 'Thinking Like a Marketer' - Gwendolyn Quinn et al Training for a Shift in the Mindset of the Public Health Workforce Social Marketing - Ken Peattie and Sue Peattie A Pathway to Consumption Reduction? New Ways to Make People Save - Annamaria Lusardi, Punam Anand Keller and Adam Keller A Social Marketing Approach Weathering the Storm - Deirdre Guion, Debra Scammon and Aberdeen Leila Borders A Social Marketing Perspective on Disaster Preparedness and Response with Lessons from Hurricane Katrina Franchising of Health Services in Low-Income Countries - Dominic Montagu Condom Social Marketing in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Total Market Approach - Steven Chapman et al When Donor Support Ends - Sohail Agha, Mai Do and Francoise Armand The Fate of Social Marketing Products and the Markets They Help Create An Integrative Model for Social Marketing - R. Craig Lefebvre From Family Planning to HIV/AIDS Prevention to Poverty Alleviation - Glenn Melnick A Conversation with Mechai Viravaidya

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