Special Libraries: A Survival Guide A Survival Guide

Special Libraries: A Survival Guide A Survival Guide

By: James M. Matarazzo Ph.D. (author), Toby Pearlstein (author)eBook
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Learn why special or corporate libraries must align with their parent organizations in order to survive in these difficult economic times—and how to foster and demonstrate this critical relationship.

• Presents case studies of corporate and other special library reductions and closures and provides strategies to minimize your chances of becoming a victim

• Demonstrates how to integrate your information services and skills with essential functions of your parent organization

• Underscores the critical nature of documenting your contribution to your parent organization's mission

• Provides a useful predictive model to assess if your library is in danger of being severely cut back or closed outright

• Makes comparisons of corporate libraries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand

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