Leadership In A Week Be A Leader In Seven Simple Steps

Leadership In A Week Be A Leader In Seven Simple Steps

By: Carol O'Connor (author)eBook


Great leadership just got easier
World events in business and politics reveal the importance of leadership. When it is absent, things fall apart. When it inspires, things improve. The purpose of this book is to encourage good people to become leaders by presenting the basics. Using a step-by-step approach, it shows the way to gain skill through training and effort.

Anyone can be a leader, even if modesty, lack of experience or self-doubt get in the way. This seven-day programme guides readers to identify their strengths and build upon them. It also helps them to focus on their weaknesses in order to manage them better.

The central theme is self-awareness. Its importance underlies every activity, idea and suggestion. People often surprise themselves when they begin to explore their inner resources and discover that they have untapped leadership qualities. The result is personal growth as well as their leadership development.

However, taking charge is never easy. Each day in this week-long programme features the challenges as well as the benefits of leadership. Among these is the need to inspire other people and gain their support. Leaders must also set priorities, give direction and make decisions, often under pressure of both time and resources.

Each of the seven chapters in Leadership In A Week covers a different aspect of leading:
- Sunday: Self-awareness
- Monday: Understanding people
- Tuesday: Communication
- Wednesday: Authority and power
- Thursday: Making decisions
- Friday: Connecting and linking
- Saturday: Vision and inspiration

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