NLP In A Week Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming In Seven Simple Steps

NLP In A Week Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming In Seven Simple Steps

By: Mo Shapiro (author)eBook


You are just seven steps away from using neuro-linguistic programming to sharpen your skills and boost your achievements. Imagine having a dynamic collection of tools, techniques and strategies that could drive excellence in all aspects of your life. Now you can.

NLP In A Week is a simple and straightforward guide to neuro-linguistic programming, giving you everything you really need to know in just seven short chapters. From communicating more effectively to creating greater rapport with others, you'll discover the ability to change what is not working in your life and increase what is.

This book will introduce you to the main themes and ideas of NLP, giving you an outline knowledge and understanding of the key concepts, together with practical and thought-provoking exercises. It will enable you to create greater rapport with people by using their preferred filters and experiencing the world from their perspective. You will be able to increase your understanding of others by utilizing NLP's precision questions for clarification and extending your 'map of the world'.

Whether you choose to read it in a week or in a single sitting, NLP In A Week is your fastest route to success:

- Sunday: What is NLP?
- Monday: Identify empowering and limiting beliefs
- Tuesday: Recognize how we re-present information to ourselves
- Wednesday: Use precision questions to find out what people mean
- Thursday: Identify different communication filters
- Friday: Use the six levels of change and reframing
- Saturday: Increase your options

In A Week books are for managers, leaders and business execs who want to get on at work. From negotiating and content marketing to finance and social media, the In A Week series covers the business topics that really matter and that will help you make a difference today. Written in straightforward English, each book is structured as a 7-day course so that with just a little work each day, you will quickly master the subject. In a fast-changing world, this series enables readers not just to get up to speed, but to get ahead.

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