Technical Proceedings of the 2004 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 2

Technical Proceedings of the 2004 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 2

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Chapter 1: Advanced Semiconductors An Electrothermal Solution of the Heat Equation for MMICs Based on the 2D Fourier Series A. Giorgio and A.G. Perri Politecnico di Bari, IT Spectral Analysis of Channel Noise in Nanoscale MOSFETS G. Casinovi Georgia Institute of Technology, US Gate Length Scaling Effects in ESD Protection Ultrathin Body SOI Devices JW Lee, Y. Li and S.M. Sze Natl Nano Device Labs & Natl Chiao Tung Univ, TW A Unified Mobility Model for Excimer Laser Annealed Complementary Thin Film Transistors Simulation HY Lin, Y. Li, JW Lee, CM Chiu and S.M. Sze Natl Nano Device Labs & Natl Chiao Tung Univ, TW Chapter 2: Nano Scale Device Modeling Impact of Quantum Mechanical Tunnelling on Offleakage Current in Doublegate MOSFET using a Quantum Driftdiffusion Model MA Jaud, S. Barraud and G. Le Carval CEALETI, FR Methodology for Prediction of Ultra Shallow Junction Resistivities Considering Uncertainties with a Genetic Algorithm Optimization C. Renard, P. Scheiblin, F. de Crecy, A. Ferron, E. Guichard, P. Holliger and C. Laviron CEALETI, FR Fullband Particlebased Simulation of GermaniumOnInsulator FETs S. Beysserie, J. Branlard, S. Aboud, S.M. Goodnick, T. Thornton and M. Saraniti Illinois Institute of Technology, US A TechnologyIndependent Model for Nanoscale Logic Devices M.P. Frank University of Florida, US Hierarchical Simulation Approaches for the Design of UltraFast Amplifier Circuits J. Desai, S. Aboud, P. Chiney, P. Osuch, J. Branlard, S. Goodnick and M. Saraniti IIT/Rush University, US Principles of Metallic Field Effect Transistor (METFET) S.V. Rotkin and K. Hess University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, US Ab Initio Simulation on Mechanical and Electronic Properties of Nanostructures under Deformation Y. Umeno and T. Kitamura Kyoto University, JP Atomistic Process and Simulation in the Regime of sub50nm Gate Length O. Kwon, K. Kim, J. Seo and T. Won Inha University, KR SubThreshold Electron Mobility in SOIMESFETs T. Khan, D. Vasileska and T.J. Thornton Arizona State University, US Chapter 3: Compact Modeling Technology Limits and Compact Model for SiGe Scaled FETs R.W. Dutton and CH Choi Stanford, US Ballistic MOS Model (BMM) Considering Full 2D Quantum Effects Z. Yu, D. Zhang and L. Tian Tsinghua University, CN Recent Enhancements of MOS Model 11 R. van Langevelde, A.J. Scholten and D.B.M. Klaassen Philips Research Laboratories, NL Noise Modeling with HiSIM Based on SelfConsistent SurfacePotential Description M. MiuraMattausch, S. Hosokawa, D. Navarro, S. Matsumoto, H. Ueno, H.J. Mattausch, T. Ohguro, T. Iizuka, M. Taguchi, T. Kage, and S. Miyamoto Hiroshima University, JP The Development of Next Generation BSIM for Sub100nm MixedSignal Circuit Simulation X. Xi, J. He, M. Dunga, CH Lin, B. Heyderi, H. Wan, M. Chan, A.M. Niknejad and C. Hu University of California at Berkeley, US Unified Regional Approach to Consistent and Symmetric DC/AC Modeling of DeepSubmicron MOSFETs X. Zhou, S.B. Chiah, K. Chandrasekaran, K.Y. Lim, L. Chan and S. Chu Nanyang Technological University, SG Modeling and Characterization of Wire Inductance for High Speed VLSI Design N.D. Arora and L. Song Cadence Design Systems, US R3, an Accurate JFET and 3Terminal Diffused Resistor Model C. McAndrew Motorola, US Advanced MOSFET Modeling for RF IC Design Y. Cheng Skyworks Solutions, US RF Noise Models of MOSFETs A Review S. Asgaran and M. Jamal Deen McMaster University, CA Bias Dependent Modeling of CollectorBase Junction Effects in Bipolar Transistors H. Tran and M. Schroter University of Technology Dresden, DE Quasi2D Compact Modeling for DoubleGate MOSFET M. Chan, T.Y. Man, J. He, X. Xi, CH Lin, X. Lin, P.K. Ko, A.M. Niknejad and C. Hu Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK Compact, PhysicsBased Modeling of Nanoscale Limits of DoubleGate MOSFETs Q. Chen, L. Wang, R. Murali and J.D. Meindl Georgia Institute of Technology, US Floating Gate Devices: Operation and Compact Modeling P. Pavan, L. Larcher and A. Marmiroli Universita di Modena e Reggio Emilia, IT A NonChargeSheet Analytic Theory for Undoped Symmetric DoubleGate MOSFETs from the Exact Solution of Poissons Equation using SPP Approach J. He, X.i Xi, M. Chan, A. Niknejad and C. Hu University of California, Berkeley, US An Exact Analytic Model of Undoped Body MOSFETs using the SPP Approach J. He, X. Xi, M. Chan, A. Niknejad and C. Hu University of California, Berkeley, US Linear Cofactor Difference Extrema of MOSFETs Drain Current and Their Application in Parameter Extraction J. He, X. Xi, M. Chan, A. Niknejad and C. Hu University of California, Berkeley, US Extraction of Extrinsic Series Resistance in RF CMOS M.S. Alam and G.A. Armstrong The Queen's University of Belfast, UK Analytic Formulae for the Impact Ionization Rate for use in Compact Models of UltraShort Semiconductor Devices H.C. Morris, M.M. DePass and H. Abebe San Jose State University, US On the Correlations Between Model Process Parameters in Statistical Modeling J. Slezak, A. Litschmann, S. Banas, R. Mlcousek and M. Kejhar ON Semiconductor, CZ A Trial Report: HiSIM1.2 Parameter Extraction for 90 nm Technology Y. Iino Silvaco Japan, JP A Practical Method to Extract Extrinsic Parameters for the Silicon MOSFET SmallSignal Model S.C. Wang, G.W. Huang, K.M. Chen, A.S. Peng, H.C. Tseng and T.L. Hsu National Nano Device Laboratories, TW Characterization and Modeling of Silicon Tapered Inductors A.S. Peng, K.M. Chen, G.W. Huang, S.C. Wang, H.Y. Chen and C.Y. Chang National Nano Device Laboratories, TW Improved Compact Model for FourTerminal DG MOSFETs T. Nakagawa, T. Sekigawa, T. Tsutsumi, M. Hioki, E. Suzuki and H. Koike National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, JP QuantumMechanical Analytical Modeling of Threshold Voltage in LongChannel DoubleGate MOSFET with Symmetric and Asymmetric Gates J.L. Autran, D. Munteanu, O. Tintori, S. Harrison, E. Decarre and T. Skotnicki CNRS, FR Automatic BSIM3/4 Model Parameter Extraction with Penalty Functions Y. Mahotin and E. Lyumkis Integrated Systems Engineering, Inc., US An Analytical Subthreshold Current Model for Ballistic DoubleGate MOSFETs J.L. Autran, D. Munteanu, O. Tintori, M. Aubert and E. Decarre CNRS, FR ThresholdVoltageBased Regional Modeling of MOSFETs with Symmetry and Continuity S.B. Chiah, X. Zhou, K. Chandrasekaran, KY Lim, L. Chan and S. Chu Nanyang Technology University, SG PhysicsBased Scalable ThresholdVoltage Model for StrainedSilicon MOSFETs K. Chandrasekaran, X. Zhou and S.B. Chiah Nanyang Technology University, SG Predicting the SOI History Effect Using Compact Models M.H. Na, J.S. Watts, E.J. Nowak, R.Q. Williams and W.F. Clark IBM Corporation, US New Capabilities for VerilogA Implementations of Compact Device Models M. Mierzwinski, P. OHalloran, B. Troyanovsky, K. Mayaram and R.W. Dutton Tiburon Design Automation, US SelfConsistent Models of DC, AC, Noise and Mismatch for the MOSFET C. GalupMontoro, M.C. Schneider, A. Arnaud and H. Klimach Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, BR Chapter 4: Circuits Simplified HalfFlash CMOS AnalogtoDigital Conveter P.B.Y. Tan, A.V. Kordesch and O. Sidek Silterra Malaysia, MY ParetoOptimal Modeling for Efficient PLL Optimization S.K. Tiwary, S. Velu, R.A. Rutenbar, T. Mukherjee Carnegie Mellon University, US Scalability and High Frequency Extensions of the Vector Potential Equivalent Circuit (VPEC) B. Mukherjee, P. Wang, L. Wang and A. Pacelli Stony Brook University, US Chapter 5: System Level Modeling A FullSystem Dynamic Model for Complex MEMS Structures L.A. Rocha, E. Cretu and R.F. Wollfenbuttel Delft University of Technology, NL MixedDomain Simulation of StepFunctional Voltammetry with an Insoluble Species for Optimization of Chemical Microsystems S.M. Martin, T.D. Strong, F.H. Gebara and R.B. Brown University of Michigan, US SystemLevel Optical Interface Modeling for Microsystems T.P. Kurzweg, A.S Sharma, S.K. Bhat, S.P. Levitan, D.M. Chiarulli Drexel University, US Chapter 6: MEMS Modeling Free Surface Flow and AcoustoElastic Interaction in Piezo Inkjet H. Wijshoff Oce Technologies B.V., NL Contact Force Models, including Electric Contact Deformation, for Electrostatically Actuated, CantileverStyle, RF MEMS Switches R.A. Coutu Jr. and P.E. Kladitis Air Force Institute of Technology, US Electromechanical Buckling of a PreStressed Layer Bonded to an Elastic Foundation S. AbuSalih and D. Elata Technion Israel Institute of Technology, IL ThreeDimensional CFDSimulation of a Thermal Bubble Jet Printhead T. Lindemann, D. Sassano, A. Bellone, R. Zengerle and P. Koltay University of Freiburg, DE Circuit Modeling and Simulation of Integrated Microfluidic Systems A.N. Chatterjee and N.R. Aluru Beckman Institute, US Extending the Validity of Existing SqueezedFilm Damper Models with Elongations of Surface Dimensions T. Veijola, A. Pursula and P. Raback Helsinki University of Technology, FI Feature LengthScale Modeling of LPCVD and PECVD MEMS Fabrication Processes L.C. Musson, P. Ho, S.J. Plimpton and R.C. Schmidt Sandia National Laboratories, US Compact Models for SqueezeFilm Damping in the Slip Flow Regime R. Sattler and G. Wachutka Technical Univeristy of Munich, DE Dynamic Simulation of an Electrostatically Actuated Impact Microactuator X. Zhao, H. Dankowicz, C.K. Reddy and A.H. Nayfeh Virginia Tech, US Microplate Modeling under Coupled StructuralFluidicElectrostatic Forces M.I. Younis and A.H. Nayfeh Virginia Tech, US A Model for Thermoelastic Damping in Microplates A.H. Nayfeh and M.I. Younis Virginia Tech, US Design and Modeling of a 3D Micromachined Accelerometer S.H. Ghafari, M.F. Golnaraghi and R. Mansour University of Waterloo, CA Effect of Thermophysical Property Variations on Surface Micromachined Polysilicon Beam Flexure Actuators A. Atre and S. Boedo Rochester Institute of Technology, US A New 3D Model of The ElectroMechanical Response of Piezoelectric Structures D. Elata, E. Elka and H. Abramovich Technion Israel Institute of Technology, IL Analytical Model for the Pullin Time of LowQ MEMS Devices L.A. Rocha, E. Cretu and R.F. Wollfenbuttel Delft University of Technology, NL Finite Element Validation of an Inverse Approach to the Design of an Electrostatic Actuator J. Juillard, M. Cristescu and S. Guessab SUPELEC, Department of Measurement, FR mor4ansys: Generating Compact Models Directly From ANSYS Models E.B. Rudnyi, J. Lienemann, A. Greiner and J.G. Korvink IMTEK, Albert Ludwig University, DE Piecewise Perturbation Method (PPM) Simulation of Electrostatically Actuated Beam with Uncertain Stiffness J. Juillard, H. Baili and E. Colinet SUPELEC, Department of Measurement, FR Dynamic Simulations of a Novel RF MEMS Switch M.I. Younis, E.M. AbdelRahman and A.H. Nayfeh Virginia Tech, US Using Topology Derived Masks to Facilitate 3D Design R. Schiek and R. Schmidt Sandia National Laboratories, US Modeling, Fabrication and Experiment of a Novel Lateral MEMS IF/RF Filter M. Motiee, A. Khajepour and R.R. Mansour University of Waterloo, CA Characterization of an Electrothermal Microactuator with Multilateral Motion in Plane C.H. Pan, Y.K. Chen and C.L. Chang National ChinYi Institute of Technology, TW MEMS Compact Modeling Meets Model Order Reduction: Examples of the Application of Arnoldi Methods to Microsystem Devices J. Lienemann, D. Billger, E.B. Rudnyi, A. Greiner and J.G. Korvink IMTEK, Albert Ludwig University, DE Guidelines of Creating Krylovsubspace Macromodels for Lateral Viscous Damping Effects PC Yen and YJ Yang National Taiwan University, TW Computationally Efficient Dynamic Modeling of MEMS D.O. Popa, J. Critchley, M. Sadowski, K.S. Anderson and G. Skidmore Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US Dynamic Modeling and Input Shaping for MEMS D.O. Popa, J.T. Wen, H.E. Stephanou, G. Skidmore and M. Ellis Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US FunctionOriented Geometric Design Approach To Surface Micromachined MEMS F. Gao and Y.S. Hong University of Toledo, US New Accurate 3D Finite Element Technology for Solving Geometrically Complex CoupledField Problems I. Avdeev, M. Gyimesi, M. Lovell and D. Ostergaard University of Pittsburgh, US Interdigitated LowLoss Ohmic RFMEMS Switches R. Gaddi, M. Bellei, A. Gnudi, B. Margesin and F. Giacomozzi ARCES University of Bologna, IT Compliant Force Amplifier Mechanisms for Surface Micromachined Resonant Accelerometers C.B.W. Pedersen and A.A. Seshia University of Cambridge, UK Coupling Of Resonant Modes In Micromechanical Vibratory Rate Gyroscopes A.S. Phani, A.A. Seshia, M. Palaniapan, R.T. Howe and J. Yasaitis University of Cambridge, UK Numerical Modeling of a Piezoelectric Micropump R. Schlipf, K. Haghighi and R. Lange Purdue University, US Identification of Anisoelasticity and Nonproportional Damping in MEMS Gyroscopes A.S. Phani and A.A. Seshia University of Cambridge, UK On the Air Damping of MicroResonators in the FreeMolecular Region S. Hutcherson and W. Ye Georgia Institute of Technology, US Simulation and Modeling of a Bridgetype Resonant Beam for a Coriolis True Mass Flow Sensor S. Lee, X. Wang, W. Shin, Z. Xiao, K.K. Chin and K.R. Farmer Microelectronics Research Center, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US Computational Prototyping of an RF MEMS Switch using Chatoyant M. Bails, J.A. Martinez, S.P. Levitan, I. Avdeev, M. Lovell and D.M. Chiarulli University of Pittsburgh, US Effective Modelling and Simulation of OverHeated Actuators M. Zubert, M. Napieralska, A. Napieralski and J.L. Noullet Technical University of Lodz, PL Static and Dynamic Optical Metrology of MicroMirror Thermal Deformation C.R. Forest, P. ReynoldsBrown, O. Blum Spahn, J. Harris, E. Novak, C.C. Wong, S. Mani, F. Peter and D. Adams Sandia National Laboratories, US Chapter 7: Modeling Fundamental Phenomena in MEMS Field induced Dielectrophoresis and Phase Separation for Manipulating Particles in Microfluidics D.J. Bennett, B. Khusid, C.D. James, P.C. Galambos, M. Okandan, D. Jacqmin, A. Kumar, Z. Qiu and A. Acrivos New Jersey Institute of Technology, US Optimal Design of an Electrostatic Zipper Actuator M.P. Brenner, J.H. Lang, J. Li and A.H. Slocum Harvard University, US Taylor Dispersion in Electroosmotic Flows with Random Zeta Potentials J.P. Gleeson and H.A. Stone University College Cork, IE An Integrated Transport Model for Tracking of Individual Exocytotic Events Using a Microelectrode TH Fan and A.G. Fedorov Georgia Institute of Technology, US The Model of Porous Media Complete Description for Aggregation of BeadMonolayers in Flat Microfluidic Chambers M. Grumann, M. Dobmeier, P. Schippers, T. Brenner, R. Zengerle and J. Ducree IMTEK University of Freiburg, DE Dealing with Stiffness in TimeDomain Stokes Flow Simulation C.P. Coelho, J.K. White and L.M. Silveira MIT RLE, US Modeling the Fluid Dynamics of ElectroWetting on Dielectric (EWOD) S. Walker and B. Shapiro University of Maryland, US Chapter 8: Computational Methods and Numerics The TwoLayer ONIOM Technique in the Studies of Chemical Reactions on Carbon Nanotube Tips V.A. Basiuk and E.V. Basiuk Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, MX Investigation of dsDNA Stretching Mesomechanics using Finite Element Method C.A. Yuan and K.N. Chiang National Tsing Hua University, TW Computational Challenges in Nanoscale Device Modeling E. Polizzi, A. Sameh and H. Sun Purdue University, US An Efficient MultiscaleLinking Algorithm for Particle Deposition R.V. Magan and R. Sureshkumar Washington University, US Numerical Computation of Dispersion Relations for Multilayered Anisotropic Structures N.D. Botkin, KH Hoffmann, O.A. Pykhteev and V.L. Turova Center of Advanced European Studies and Research, DE REMD toolkit : A Composable Software to Generate Parallelized Simulation Programs M. Ito and U. Nagashima AIST, JP Effective Elastic Moduli of Nanocomposites with Prescribed Random Orientation of Nanofibers V.A. Buryachenko and A. Roy University of Dayton Research Institute, US Multiscale Simulation of FlowInduced Texture Formation in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals D. Grecov and A.D. Rey McGill University, CA Fast BEM Solution for Coupled 3D Electrostatic and Linear Elastic Problems N.D. Masters and W. Ye Georgia Institute of Technology, US Error Estimation for Arnoldibased Model Order REduction of MEMS T. Bechtold, E.B. Rudnyi and J.G. Korvink University of Freiburg, Germany, DE Perturbation Analysis of TBR Model Reduction in Application to TrajectoryPiecewise Linear Algorithm for MEMS Structures D. Vasilyev, M. Rewienski and J.K. White Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US A Novel Approach for VolumeIntegral Evaluation in the BEM J. Ding and W. Ye Georgia Institute of Technology, US FullLagrangian Based Newton Scheme for Dynamic Analysis of Electrostatic MEMS S.K. De and N.R. Aluru Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technoloy, US A pFFT Accelerated Linear Strength BEM Potential Solver D.J. Willis, J.K. White and J. Peraire Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US Numerical and Analytical Studies of Electrothermally Induced Flow And Its Application For Mixing and Cleaning in Microfluidic Systems J.J. Feng, S. Krishnamoorthy and S. Sandaram CFD Research Corporation, US Modelling MicroRheological Effects in Micro Injection Moulding with Dissipative Particle Dynamics D. Kauzlaric, A. Greiner and J.G. Korvink University of Freiburg, Germany, DE New Computational Methods for LongRange Electromagnetic Interactions on the Nanoscale I. Tsukerman, G. Friedman and D. Halverson The University of Akron, US Decay of Nanostructures F. Hausser and A. Voigt Research Center Caesar, DE Simulation of Carbonaceous Mesophases MicroTextures L.R.P. de Andrade Lima and A.D. Rey McGill University, CA A Numerical Algorithm for Complex Biological Flow in Irregular Microdevice Geometries D. Trebotich, P. Colella, G.H. Miller, A. Nonaka, T. Marshall, S. Gulati and D. Liepmann Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US InAs/GaAs Quantum Ring in Energy Dependent Quasi Particle Effective Mass Approximation I. Filikhin , V.M. Suslov, E. Deyneka and B. Vlahovic North Carolina Central University, US Corner Charge Singularity of Conductors CO Hwang and J.A. Given Inha University, KR Parallelization of BEM Electrostatic Solver Using a PC Cluster HK Tang and YJ Yang National Taiwan University, TW Improved O(N) Neighbor List Method Using Domain Decomposition and Data Sorting ZH Yao, JS Wang and M. Cheng National University of Singapore, SG Design and Verification of an Electrostatic MEMS Simulator V. Szekely, G. Bognar, M. Rencz, F. Ciontu, B. Charlot and B. Courtois Micred, HU

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