Terrorism (Elgar Mini Series)

Terrorism (Elgar Mini Series)

By: Rosemary H. T. O'Kane (editor)Hardback

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This two-volume set presents a comprehensive selection of some of the most significant published papers and articles on terrorism. The collection examines terrorism from a variety of perspectives, including state terror. Beginning with a section on concepts of terrorism, it first considers the causes and nature of regimes of terror. It then concentrates on terrorist groups in society and in a search for explanations, it investigates the relationship between terrorism and religion, the underlying causes for the rise of terrorist groups and the relation of these groups to new social movements. Psychological and rational choice explanations are also explored. Several articles study the organization of terrorist groups and their strategy and tactics. A final section deals with methods of counteracting terrorism. The editor has written an authoritative introduction which highlights the centrality to terrorism of the killing of innocents and draws important lessons from the topics covered in the collection.

About Author

Edited by Rosemary H.T. O'Kane, Professor of Comparative Political Theory, School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy (SPIRE), Keele University, UK


Contents: Volume I Acknowledgements Introduction: Theorizing Terrorism Rosemary H.T. O'Kane PART I THE CONCEPT OF TERRORISM 1. E.V. Walter (1964), `Violence and the Process of Terror' 2. Martha Crenshaw Hutchinson (1972), `The Concept of Revolutionary Terrorism' 3. Paul Wilkinson (1973), `Three Questions on Terrorism' 4. Ze'ev Iviansky (1977), `Individual Terror: Concept and Typology' 5. Richard Shultz (1978), `The Limits of Terrorism in Insurgency Warfare: The Case of the Viet Cong' 6. A. James Gregor (1982), `Fascism's Philosophy of Violence and the Concept of Terror' 7. C.A.J. Coady (1985), `The Morality of Terrorism' 8. Walter Laqueur (1986), `Reflections on Terrorism' PART II REGIMES OF TERROR 9. Rosemary H.T. O'Kane (1995), `The National Causes of State Construction in France, Russia and China' 10. Rosemary H.T. O'Kane (2000), `Post-revolutionary State Building in Ethiopia, Iran and Nicaragua: Lessons from Terror' 11. H.C. Greisman (1977), `Social Meanings of Terrorism: Reification, Violence, and Social Control' 12. Michael Stohl (1984), `National Interests and State Terrorism in International Affairs' 13. Rosemary H.T. O'Kane (1993), `Cambodia in the Zero Years: Rudimentary Totalitarianism' 14. Rosemary H.T. O'Kane (1997), `Modernity, the Holocaust and Politics' PART III TERRORIST GROUPS AND RELIGION 15. David C. Rapoport (1984), `Fear and Trembling: Terrorism in Three Religious Traditions' 16. Michael Scott Doran (2002), `Somebody Else's Civil War' 17. Valentine M. Moghadam (2002), `Violence, Terrorism and Fundamentalism: Some Feminist Observations' PART IV TERRORIST GROUPS AND THEIR UNDERLYING CAUSES 18. Martha Crenshaw (1981), `The Causes of Terrorism' 19. E. Moxon-Browne (1981), `The Water and the Fish: Public Opinion and the Provisional IRA in Northern Ireland' 20. Francisco J. Llera, Jose M. Mata and Cynthia L. Irvin (1993), `ETA: From Secret Army to Social Movement - The Post-Franco Schism of the Basque Nationalist Movement' 21. Ehud Sprinzak (1995), `Right-Wing Terrorism in Comparative Perspective: The Case of Split Delegitimization' Name Index Volume II Acknowledgements An introduction by the editor to both volumes appears in Volume I PART I TERRORIST GROUPS AND THE DYNAMICS OF NEW SOCIAL MOVEMENTS 1. Alberto Melucci (1981), `New Movements, Terrorism, and the Political System: Reflections on the Italian Case' 2. Donatella della Porta and Sidney Tarrow (1986), `Unwanted Children: Political Violence and the Cycle of Protest in Italy, 1966-1973' 3. Peter Fritzsche (1989), `Terrorism in the Federal Republic of Germany and Italy: Legacy of the '68 Movement or "Burden of Fascism"?' 4. Robert W. White (1989), `From Peaceful Protest to Guerrilla War: Micromobilization of the Provisional Irish Republican Army' PART II PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPLANATIONS FOR TERRORISM 5. William F. May (1974), `Terrorism as Strategy and Ecstasy' 6. Raymond R. Corrado (1981), `A Critique of the Mental Disorder Perspective of Political Terrorism' 7. Jerrold M. Post (1984), `Notes on a Pschodynamic Theory of Terrorist Behavior' 8. Grant Wardlaw (1987), `The Psychology of Political Terrorism' 9. Martha Crenshaw (1992), `Decisions to Use Terrorism: Psychological Constraints on Instrumental Reasoning' PART III RATIONAL CHOICE EXPLANATIONS 10. Anne Rathbone and Charles K. Rowley (2002), `Terrorism' 11. William F. Shugart II (2002), `September 11, 2001' PART IV TERRORIST GROUP ORGANIZATION 12. J.K. Zawodny (1981), `Infrastructures of Terrorist Organizations' 13. Martha Crenshaw (1985), `An Organizational Approach to the Analysis of Political Terrorism' PART V STRATEGY AND TACTICS 14. David Fromkin (1975), `The Strategy of Terrorism' 15. H. Edward Price, Jr. (1977), `The Strategy and Tactics of Revolutionary Terrorism' 16. Brian Jenkins, Janera Johnson and David Ronfeldt (1978), `Numbered Lives: Some Statistical Observations From 77 International Hostage Episodes' 17. Manoj Joshi (1996), `On the Razor's Edge: The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam' PART VI COUNTERACTING TERRORISM 18. Ronald D. Crelinsten (1978), `International Political Terrorism: A Challenge for Comparative Research' 19. Ariel Merari (1978), `A Classification of Terrorist Groups' 20. Henry Bienen and Robert Gilpin (1980), `Economic Sanctions as a Response to Terrorism' 21. Paul Wilkinson (1981), `Proposals for Government and International Responses to Terrorism' 22. Todd Sandler, John T. Tschirhart and Jon Cauley (1983), `A Theoretical Analysis of Transnational Terrorism' 23. Nicholas O. Berry (1987), `Theories on the Efficacy of Terrorism' 24. Jerrold M. Post (1987), `Rewarding Fire with Fire: Effects of Retaliation on Terrorist Group Dynamics' 25. Donatella della Porta (1992), `Institutional Responses to Terrorism: The Italian Case' Name Index

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