The Apple Orchard

The Apple Orchard

By: Erick Jacobsen (author)eBook
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Its 1977 and troubled thirteen year-old Joe Shepard has been banished by his parents to spend the summer out at his Great-Uncle Amils ranch. The two of them will bond quickly over stories of baseballs glorious past. But when the heat of the summer days drive his uncle indoors, Joes restlessness will spark his sense of adventure. His explorations will take him beyond the borders of the ranchleading to a ghoulish discovery amongst the fence posts of the neighboring farm to the east. And then there is Emilythe beautiful and enigmatic girl he befriends. Her dress, her mannerismlook so out of place in the middle of a dusty apple orchard. Joe will discover why their friendship is truly unique, and in doing so, realize that the similarities between he and his uncle are many. Erik Jacobsen weaves an intricate story of intersecting subplots and fascinating characters spanning almost 90 years. The Apple Orchard is a lyrical tale of the continual struggle of good versus evil, of death and betrayal, and the loss of innocence. It is about the seemingly little insignificant choices made every dayhow action, as well as inaction, can bring the gravest of consequences.

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