The Complete Idiot's Guide to Networking (The complete idiot's guide 3rd Revised edition)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Networking (The complete idiot's guide 3rd Revised edition)

By: Aubrey Pilgrim (author), Bill Wagner (author), Christopher Negus (contributor)Paperback

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The Complete Idiots Guide to Networking, 3rd Edition will provide the basics the reader needs to "get started" in a fun language that is straightforward and easy to comprehend. The pace of the book will be direct and simple. It will provide specific-steps toward the goals of gaining a knowledge base in networking. The book helps the reader learn by providing diagrams that show how to connect pieces and tables to make price/performance issues clear and understandable The information will be organized to answer specific questions for the novice user.

About Author

Christopher Negus has worked as a consultant for computer networking projects at AT&T, Novell, Caldera Systems, and UNIX System Laboratories since 1984. He has contributed to dozens of books on UNIX, Linux, and the Internet. He co-authored Complete Idiot's Guide to Networks, 2nd Edition and Using Unix, 2nd Edition both from Que and is sole author of the Red Hat Linux Bible and Caldera OpenLinux Bible from IDG books.


Introduction. 1. SCOUTING OUT YOUR NETWORK. 1. What Is a Network? How Computer Networks Began.Networks for Mainframes. The Government Steps In. PCs Take the LAN Route. Merging the LANs and the WANs.Pieces of a Network.Network Media. Network Protocols. Network Applications.A really Simple Network. How a Simple Network Can Grow. Network Layering and the OSI Reference Model.OSI Illustration. The Seven OSI Layers.What Can You Get from This Book? Where To From Here?2. Having Your Own Network (LAN) What Is a LAN?Connect a Basic Ethernet LAN.Ethernet: The Killer LAN.Characteristics of the First Ethernet LANs. How an Ethernet Network Works. Measuring Distances for Your LAN.Expanding an Ethernet LAN.Adding Hubs and Switches.Where To From Here?3. Using a World-Wide Network (the Internet). The Internet.The World Wide Web. How the Internet Works. Resources on the Internet.Smaller than the Internet, Bigger than a LAN (Intranets and Extranets).Differences Between the Internet, Intranets, and Extranets. The Domain Name System. Intranets. Extranets.Where To From Here?2. GATHERING YOUR NETWORK GEAR. 4. Choosing Your Networking Hardware. Choosing Types of Computers.Standalone Computers. Network Computers. Server Computers.Computer Networking Components.Modems. DSL. Cable Modems. NICs. New Networking Hardware.Hardware for Joining Computers.Cabling and Connectors. Ethernet Connection Standards.Other Network Equipment.Hubs. Switches. Routers. Gateways.Where To From Here?5. Network Servers and Clients at Your Service. Peer-to-Peer Versus Client/Server Networks.We Are All Equal: Peer-to-Peer Networks. Serving Up a Client/Server Network. Advantages of Client/Server Networks. Disadvantages of Client/Server Networks.Some Shall Serve and Others Shall Be Clients.Serving Files, Web Content, and Other Stuff. Signing Up a New Client. Workstations. Thin Clients. Diskless Clients. Fat Client Scenarios.Your Network Brain Centers: the Operating Systems.Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Novell NetWare. Linux and Other UNIX Systems. Advantages of Linux. Disadvantages of Linux.Where To From Here?6. Take a Bus, Hitch a Star, Ring Around Network Topologies. Topology Types. The Magic Bus: Bus Topology.Advantages of Bus Topology. Disadvantages of Bus Topology.Thank Your Lucky Stars: Star Topology.Advantages of Star Topology. Disadvantages of Star Networks.Ring Topology.Advantages of Ring Topology. Disadvantages of Ring Topology.Growing Your Network Topology.Expanding the Topology with Hubs. Expanding the Topology with Switches. Expanding the Topology with Routers.A Comparison of Bus, Star, and Switched Topologies.3. BUILDING YOUR NETWORK BASE. 7. Making Those Internet Connections. Connecting Your Home to the Internet.Dial-up Connections. DSL Connections. Cable Modem Connections. Satellite and Wireless.How Home and Business Internet Services Differ. Choosing a Business Internet Connection.ISDN Service. Frame Relay. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). Dedicated T-1 or T-3 Lines. LAN Switching Service (LSS).Where To From Here?8. Building Your Home Network. Connecting Your LAN Hardware.Step 1: Installing the Network Interface Cards Step 2: Installing the Hub. Step 3: Connecting the Cable.Configuring the Computers on Your LAN.Step 1: Installing NIC Drivers. Step 2: Configuring Computer Names and Access. Step 3: Adding Services and Protocols.Sharing Files.Step 1: Serving Up a Folder of Files. Step 2: Using a Shared Folder as a Client.Sharing Printers.Step 1: Serving Up Shared Printers. Step 2: Using a Shared Printer as a Client.Preparing to Connect to the Internet.Dial-up Connections to the Internet. LAN Connections to the Internet.Where To From Here?9. Hooking Up Your Small Office Network. Expanding the LAN with Switches and Hubs.Adding a Hub. Adding a Switch.Completing the High-Speed Internet Connection with DSL.Connecting Your DSL Modem. Configuring Your DSL Modem.Where To From Here?10. Taking Your Network for a Drive. Your #1 Internet Tool: The Web Browser.General Browsing Features. Browsing with Netscape Communicator. Browsing with Microsoft Internet Explorer.Sending and Receiving Email. Email Basics. Choosing an Email Program.Netscape Messenger. Microsoft Outlook Express. Using Eudora Email. Understanding Email Addressing. Adding Mail Attachments. Protocols for Downloading Email.Chatting Online.ICQ. AOL Instant Messenger.Playing Online Multi-User Games.Playing StarCraft. Playing Quake.Sharing Folders, Files, Printers, and Devices.Using Shared Files and Folders. Using Shared Printers.Where To From Here?4. DEFENDING YOUR NETWORK TURF. 11. Linking Your Home and Office Networks. Preparing a Home Office to Connect to Work.Setting Up a Proxy Server. Getting Work Email from Home. Getting Work Files from Home.Getting Secure Connections.Virtual Private Networks. Remote Node (Connect to Remote LAN). Remote Control (Connect Directly to PC).Choosing Telecommuting.Telecommuting Organizations. Locations for Telecommuting. Communications Software for Telecommuting. Supporting Telecommuting.Where To From Here?12. Your Fearless Leader: The System Administrator. What's in a Name? General System Administration Checklist. Workstation System Administration for Windows.Give Me Your Name and Password (User Accounts).Server System Administration.Tools of the Trade. Adding and Deleting Users. Enforcing File System Permissions. Setting Permissions: the chmod Command. A Few Words About Linux and UNIX Security.Where To From Here?13. Disaster Prevention: Back Up! Back Up! Back Up! Why Back Up? Performing Simple Backups.A Simple Copy-to-Floppy. Using Windows 98 Backup. Using Iomega Zip and Jaz 1-Step Backup.Why Network Backups? Choosing a Backup Type.Full Backup. Incremental or Differential Backups.Choosing Backup Media.Hard Disk. Tape. Recordable CD. High-Density Floppy Disks. Removable Disks.Choosing a Backup Strategy.What Needs to be Backed Up? How Often Is Backup Needed? When Should Backups Be Run?Backup Tips. Protecting Your Data.RAID. UPS.Where To From Here?14. Securing Your Fortress. Why Should I Care About Network Security? Physical Security.Protecting Physical Data Storage. Secure Your Network Wiring. Using Console and BIOS Passwords.Computer System Security.Choosing Operating Systems. Adding User Accounts/Passwords. Limiting System Services. Preventing and Patching Holes. Preventing Viruses.Human Security. Network Security.Sacrificial Hosts. Firewalls.Resources Roadmap.Security Checklists. Security Mailing Lists. Security Newsgroups.Where To From Here.15. Troubleshooting from the Trenches. Troubleshooting Your LAN.Trying to Reach Others on Your LAN. Network Interface Cards. Cables. Hubs.Troubleshooting Internet Connections (from a Workstation).Check Your IP Address and DNS Addresses. Ping the Router and Internet. Check Dial-Up Connections.Troubleshooting Internet Connections (from a Server).Traceroute: Checking for Trouble on the Line. If You Don't Have Traceroute or Ping. The netstat Command: Checking the Routing Table and Connections.Protocol Analyzers: Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty.Commercial Protocol Analyzers. Freely Available Protocol Analyzers.Some Extra Troubleshooting Tips. Where To From Here?5. CHARTING YOUR NETWORKING FUTURE. 16. To the Internet and Beyond. Building Out the Internet.Increased Long-Haul Networks: More Fiber! Spanning the Last Miles. Taking Your LAN Wireless.Preparing for the Next Generation Internet (IPv6).How IPv6 Addressing Works. Secure from the Get Go. Other IPv6 Features. Stepping Up to the Plate (When Will IPv6 Take Hold?).Where To From Here?17. Preparing for an Explosion of Network Content. Merging Television and the Internet.AT&T Interactive TV. RespondTV Interactive Television Applications. Liberate Technologies Enhanced Television Content. AOLTV.Booming Wireless Applications.Digital PocketNet Service from AT&T. Mobile Web from Verizon Wireless. Palm Handheld Internet Access.Improvements in Network Content.New and Evolving Content.Applications in a Box? Where To From Here?18. Networking Your Kitchen Appliances? Network Appliances of the Future.Charting the Course. Bluetooth Wireless Specification. IrDA Infrared Technology. HomeRF Wireless Home Networks. Wireless Application Protocol Forum. Sun Microsystem's Jini Connection Technology. Microsoft's Universal Plug and Play.Next Generation Wireless Devices.Wireless Phones. Personal Handheld Computers. Wireless Watches.Web Access Appliances. Meet George Jetson!Sunbeam's Home Linking Technology. Microwave Cooking from the Internet.Internet Server Appliances. The Multimedia Experience.Interactive Televisions. Networked Audio Equipment.Where To From Here?6. APPENDIX. Appendix A. Speak Like a Geek: The Networking Bible. Index.

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