The Complete Survival Guide for High School and Beyond

The Complete Survival Guide for High School and Beyond

By: Erin Shale (author)eBook


Aimed at teenagers grappling with all the challenges of high school - study, their future, friendships and family - the Complete Survival Guide for High School and Beyond offers positive ways to get the most out of school. the major focus of this book is how to maximise opportunities both at school and outside school. From attitude and confidence building to getting along with parents and teachers; from goal setting and exam preparation to career investigation and landing a job, this book has it all. there is also an important focus on figuring out what personal success really means. It explores many important issues and addresses both the personal and social matters in every adolescent's life. Working hard at school doesn't have to mean not having a life, and this book focuses on balancing the two in order to 'survive' this often confusing stage. A practical motivational text, the Complete Survival Guide contains lots of ideas and strategies for making life easier for this critical age group. By no means limited to high school students, it is a useful tool for both parents and teenagers alike.

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  • publication date: 01/01/2011
  • ID: 9780730492191
  • book language: en
  • publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • publisher imprint: HarperCollins

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