The Cool Apple Express

The Cool Apple Express

By: Michael J. Hicks (author)eBook
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My inspiration for doing this journal and writing this book is basically an outlet to have a say. Never have been one to get up in front of a group of people and speak. I always had this excellent memory and writing was a way for me to get it out and so, I decided to do just that. So many times down through the years I was told by friends and even some professional people, I should write a book. My attempt to live in a normal family, from the time I was very young, it was never destined to happen. Thats just the way it was, a higher power was and is the ruler over that. The thing that most people take for granted, family, has always been a missing link in my life. As a result, I have to talk mostly about experiences; things; hobbies; friends etc. and that is why you will find the absence of family in the context of my story. I would have loved to have had family to be a part of my life. When I retired from the Teamster via the BOEING Co. in October 1995, I already had work to go to immediately and worked clear into 2002. My Mother passed away in August 1999 and she had lived a full life to 95 years of age. Even though I had 3 daughters living and doing their thing in different parts of the country, at that particular time, my relationship with 2 of them was minimal and non-existent with the 3rd. After having moved up to Camano Island in 2003 and planning to stay there permanently, turned out that wasnt what I really wanted after I got there and only lived there for 10 months, sold that house, packed up all my stuff and hauled it to Texas. I had decided I would make an attempt to live near my oldest daughter. It would at least give me a chance to maybe have a bond with my flesh and blood once in awhile. It worked in the very short term till she changed jobs and moved to Dallas. Too little, too late, it was not in the cards. At this point my oldest daughter and I have a pleasant relationship even though we see each other maybe twice a year. Flying up to my home area in Washington state once or twice a year is one of the things I really look forward to. I have some real solid friends in Washington that will always be my best friends. Im really a Lucky Guy! Mike Hicks

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