The Dark Heart Series-Book 1-Torn Love

The Dark Heart Series-Book 1-Torn Love

By: Ashley Kochis (author)eBook


Zoey wanted to fit in, she didn’t care where just somewhere, with people who loved her for who she was. She finally found what thought to be acceptance when her old childhood friend Dustin came back from England, he had changed but change could be good, right?
Soon Zoey found herself stuck between two different worlds, the world of her old friend Dustin and his friend Damian. And Leland and his house of weird creatures, both were to be unknown to the people of her town Clover Field or else unimaginable danger would fall on them and the rest of the world.
In this story of love, hatred, betrayal, death, redemption and darkness, Zoey must make her choices but make them wisely. Can she do what is right and save everyone that’s important to her? Or will she fail?
Would you be able to make the right choices? Or fail?

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