The Fine Art Of Small Talk How to start a conversation in any situation

The Fine Art Of Small Talk How to start a conversation in any situation

By: Debra Fine (author)eBook


Do you spend an abnormal amount of time hiding in the bathroom or hanging around the buffet table at social gatherings? Does the thought of striking up a conversation with a stranger make your stomach do flip-flops? Do you sit nervously through job interviews waiting for the other person to speak? Are you nervous when it comes to networking?

Then it's time you mastered The Fine Art of Small Talk. With practical advice and conversation 'cheat sheets,' The Fine Art of Small Talk will help you learn to feel more comfortable in any type of social situation, from lunch with your boss to going out on a date to a cocktail party where you don't know a soul.

The Fine Art of Small Talk teaches you how to:
- Start a conversation even when you think you have nothing to say
- Steady your shaky knees and dry your sweaty palms
- Prevent awkward pauses and lengthy silences
- Adopt listening skills that will make you a better conversationalist
- Approach social functions with confidence
- Feel more at ease at parties, meetings and at job interviews
- Turn every conversation into an opportunity for success

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  • publication date: 06/02/2014
  • ID: 9780349404240
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