The Janidogo the continued adventure from 'To Love and To Hold'

The Janidogo the continued adventure from 'To Love and To Hold'

By: Richard Murray (author)eBook


Love is a beautiful thing, seen everywhere plus everywhere not seen. Sometimes, it has challenges. The biggest being the lies we tell ourselves or the truths that can't  be changed. Eme and Henshaw dealt with this before, when Henshaw was nearly denied to marry because of a possibility in his past, and when Eme was nearly denied because of a possbility Henshaw didn't want to see. What if, two others, not so large of body, and far older in time, have a similar problem.

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The JiHi Series is a set of stories based off of African Film, whether Nollywood, Gollywood or any wood in Africa and beyond in the Black World. In the story of the Janidogo, we follow the continued exploits of Henshaw and Eme from 'To Love and To Hold'.

"To Love and to Hold" was directed by Ndubuisi Okoh. It starred  Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Michael Okon, Fred Essien, Joke Silva, Mariatherese Rogers, Karian Abasimfon


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