The Joan Chronicles Pearls of Wisdom on the Journey to Heaven

The Joan Chronicles Pearls of Wisdom on the Journey to Heaven

By: Sara Pizano (author)eBook
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Joan Rita Hahn Pizano was an eternal optimist and deeply spiritual. Her capacity to receive and give love was astounding and she was a beloved mother, wife, sister, aunt and friend. When her oncologist told her there were no more treatment options for her cancer, she faced the news with resolve and looked forward to the miracle of Heaven. Her lack of fear and depth of peace greatly helped her family and friends deal with the inevitable. But it was her sense of humor that impacted so many and as her daughter chronicled her last six months on earth, the stories evoked tears and laughter simultaneously. This is a story of a woman who was totally unafraid to die, who in fact embraced the process of the passing and who truly lived until she breathed her last breath.

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