The Manx Shearwater

The Manx Shearwater

By: Michael Brooke (author)eBook
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The Manx Shearwater must rank amongst the world's most evocative seabirds. Whether it be seen slicing the wave tips of a stormy sea or uttering its weird strident cry in the night sky above a breeding colony, it has all the magic that a bird lover could wish for - and many of the characteristics that make seabirds of such interest to biologists.

For the better part of 17 years Michael Brooke has studied Manx Shearwaters at their Atlantic colonies. A number of expeditions have also enabled him to investigate at first hand other shearwater and petrel species in many isolated parts of the world. In this book he describes the fruits of his own and other research, synthesizing a wealth of data for the scientist and amateur alike. The breeding biology, vocal behaviour, transequatorial migrations and population dynamics of the bird are described in detail and comparisons are drawn with other shearwaters and petrels, to show how the various species have adapted to local conditions worldwide.

Delightful vignettes by Dafila Scott complete this enthralling book.

Jacket painting by Peter Harrison

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