Maxims of Manhood Presents ManLibs Fill-in Fun for REAL (adjective) Men

Maxims of Manhood Presents ManLibs Fill-in Fun for REAL (adjective) Men

By: Max Biggs (author)eBook


Not to be confused with Mad Libs-those lame things kids do-ManLibs was created by guys for guys. You still fill in the blanks, but there's no need to watch your mouth; in this case, words that make your girlfriend cringe earn you extra points.

Based on the original Maxims of Manhood, here's your chance to make your own rules for the situations every real man needs to know how to handle, such as:
  • Keeping an empty urinal between you and the next guy
  • Properly ordering a steak
  • Keeping one-night stands classy
  • Slapping another guy on the ass
Add booze and you've got a great way to kill time between games.

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  • publication date: 18/05/2011
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