The Nose Sees All A Spunky Murder Mystery

The Nose Sees All A Spunky Murder Mystery

By: Holly L. Lewitas (author)eBook


The Adventure Continues! The wise and loveable canine, Spunky, and her feline cohorts are up to their cute little necks in a new mystery, but this time theres a murder. Spunky and Fearless accompany Dr. Hannah Richards to greet the elderly residents at Lakeland Manor where Spunky forms a unique attachment with Mr. Kenneth Boyd. However, all is not as it appears and as their bond deepens so does Spunkys concern for him. A sudden death changes everything. Spunky and her tomcats must detect the truth. They know a crucial fact, but can they get the humans to see beyond the obvious? Good thing Spunkys a terrier she loves a challenge! Praise for the first book: The Nose Knows Animal lovers are sure to be entertained, and will look forward to the delightful and spirited Spunky. ForeWord Clarion Review Mystery, romance, and animal antics. Youll love this. The Bookplex!

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