The Nutters Club Helping Nutters from the Inside Out

The Nutters Club Helping Nutters from the Inside Out

By: Mike King (author)eBook
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Comedian Mike King and a skilled psychiatrist take a novel approach to issues of mental health.Comedian Mike King's Radio Live show The Nutters Club is hugely popular because it is a forum where those with all manner of mental health issues can discuss their stories in a warm and accepting environment. Mike asks the questions and leads the guests through their stories, and he and psychiatrist David Codyre (aka The Nutcracker) comment and talk about ways of coping. It's always very positive. The radio show has spawned a very active Facebook page and a TV show on Maori Television of the same name. This book focuses on the stories of 12 key people who have a mental illness. They each describe a different issue, ranging from depression and alcoholism to bipolar disorder. Their stories are accompanied by running commentary from Mike and David - and as a result the reader learns about coping mechanisms along the way without being preached at. With stories from well-known music industry figure Mike Chunn and fashion designer Denise L'Estrange Corbet, The Nutters' Club also includes Mike King's own story of battling with drugs, alcohol and depression.

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