The Pencil Case

The Pencil Case

By: Lorraine Cobcroft (author)eBook


Paul Wilson was 59 before he finally discovered the nature of the crime that led to his incarceration at age 7. His dad knew there was only one way to survive against such gross injustice. It took Paul over half a century to learn.

Follow Paul's journey from a poor Aussie bush home to a cold, harsh children's home where he is abused by ''brides of Christ'', to foster homes, a boys' home, an army training school, and through an eventful adult life desperately searching for identity and acceptance, and nursing a burning thirst for revenge. How will he finally avenge the wrongs?

A slightly fictionalized biography of a stolen Australian white child, this is a story you will read between tears and fits of rage. It's a story that readers say should be compulsory reading for college students, politicians, child and social welfare workers, workers in the justice system, and ''pretty much everyone else" - ''a must read for those who care''.

Confronting and heartwrenching, yet heartwarming, this is a story that exposes the strength and beauty of the human spirit, and the extraordinary power of family love. 

''This book is as important as it is riveting...'' Richard Walsh

"A beautifully-written, utterly moving piece of art...''  Faith Rose

""A story that should be heard...""  M.A. McRae

''The author's brilliance with imagery and words involve the reader to the point of being an observer in the time and place...'' Diana Hockley.


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