The Soul Mate Myth A 3-Step Plan for Finding REAL Love

The Soul Mate Myth A 3-Step Plan for Finding REAL Love

By: Jean Cirillo (author)eBook


You've been tricked. Society keeps telling you that there's a one-and-only soul mate just for you, a Prince Charming that will be as perfect as your relationship. And what's worse: you've started believing it. Now, Jean Cirillo, PhD, will teach you to stop swooning over picture-perfect legends and remember what really makes a man worth loving for a lifetime. This practical book takes on everything you know about what works in a relationship and will get you to look at love with fresh eyes. With this book in hand, you'll be able to:
  • Separate the man from the myth
  • Get rid of unreasonable expectations without giving up on what's really important
  • Enjoy aspects of love and dating you've previously taken for granted
  • Love and be loved for the right reasons
  • Commit to a real-life man and build a lasting relationship

Armed with case studies of strong marriages and resilient love, this book exposes the lie of the perfect match and gives you the tools you need to identify and pursue exciting--and attainable--new possibilities for love.

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  • publication date: 18/12/2011
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