The Word God's Last Word & Testament

The Word God's Last Word & Testament

By: Lee Looby (author)eBook
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If you are a Christian, you will have to wonder at the information provided in this book by God through his messenger, which will not be found in any other publication. The doctrines and the very foundation of the Christian Church are challenged by God himself, and the sacraments are questioned, as well as many other long-held Christian beliefs. Nevertheless, it does give the open-minded reader new insights into Christianity and religion that have not been written down or expressed before, and in it God, informs us of why we were born, the reason why we are here on earth and what is in store for us once we depart from this world. It will give you, the reader, firsthand knowledge of what to expect and what you will be doing after you arrive in the spirit world. Many of you who do not believe in life after death or reincarnation will be challenged in your beliefs and find that yes, indeed, you have lived many times before. You will also find that God provides us with personal guidance through departed relatives and friends that are in spirit as well as providing help from a range of angelic helpers of all types. There are also people on earth who are able to communicate freely and on a personal basis with all those in spirit and the angelic world. These people are spiritual messengers and are not to be confused with spiritualists, psychics, or mediums who play a different role and may hold different beliefs altogether.

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