Theory and Practice in Hospitality and Tourism Research

Theory and Practice in Hospitality and Tourism Research

By: Salleh Mohd Radzi (editor)Hardback

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Theory and Practice in Hospitality and Tourism Research includes 111 contributions from the 2nd International Hospitality and Tourism Conference 2014 (Penang, Malaysia, 2-4 September 2014), and covers a comprehensive range of topics, including: - Hospitality management - Hospitality & tourism marketing - Tourism management - Technology & innovation in hospitality & tourism - Foodservice & food safety - Gastronomy The book will be of interest to postgraduate students, academics and professionals involved in the fields of hospitality and tourism.


Preface Acknowledgements Organizing committee Hospitality management The contribution of internship in developing industry relevant management competencies among hotel and tourism management students A.H. Ahmad Ridzuan, N.C. Ahmat & A.A. Azdel An examination of current compensation and performance appraisal practice among hotel employers in Malaysia: A preliminary study J. Lahap, S.M. Isa, N.M. Said, K. Rose & J.M. Saber Six Sigma as a source of service delivery improvement methodology for the Malaysian hotel sector J. Lahap, B. O'Mahony & J. Dalrymple Assessing employees' performance in Integrated Service Recovery Strategies (ISRS): The role of self-efficacy F. Farook, C. Mason & T. Nankervis Revisit the legal duty of hoteliers towards contractual entrants and invitees in hotels N.C. Abdullah A snapshot of work-family conflict among hotel managers in Malaysia M.F.S. Bakhtiar, N. Sumarjan, S. Tarmudi, S.M. Radzi & I.M. Ghazali A preliminary study on boutique hotels in the city of Kuala Lumpur A.S. Arifin, S.A. Jamal, A.A. Aziz & S.S. Ismail Blue Ocean strategies in hotel industry N.C. Ahmat, R. Abas, A.H. Ahmad-Ridzuan, S.M. Radzi & M.S.M. Zahari Work variables, non-work variables and quality of work life: The Malaysia hotel executives' insights S.M. Radzi, N. Sumarjan, M.F.S. Bakhtiar & I.M. Ghazali Knowledge strategic choices in implementing knowledge strategy: Case of Malaysian hotel industry H. Ismail, S.M. Radzi, N. Ahmad & S.K.A. Nordin Quality practices and quality implementation: A proposed case study in Grand Bluewave Hotel, Shah Alam N. Sumarjan, B. Syaripuddin, S.A. Jamal, C.T. Chik & Z. Mohi Organizational DNA and human resource practices: Its implication towards hotel performance Z.N. Aishah, M.N. Syuhirdy, M.S.M. Zahari & S.M. Radzi Organizational citizenship behaviors of hotel employees: The role of discretionary human resource practices and psychological contract M.A. Hemdi, M. Hafiz, F. Mahat & N.Z. Othman A stakeholder approach to working conditions in the tourism and hospitality sector A. Walmsley & S.N. Partington Strategic information system and environmental scanning practices in Malaysian hotel organizations H.M. Said, R.A. Latif & N.K. Ishak Structural relationships between career development learning, work integrated learning and employability: A structural equation modelling approach H.F. Ariffin, R.P.S. Raja-Abdullah, N. Baba & S. Hashim Hospitality and tourism marketing An investigation of customers' satisfaction as a mediating effect between hotel customer loyalty antecedents and behavioral loyalty A.A. Azdel, M.F.S. Bakhtiar, M.S.Y. Kamaruddin, N.A. Ahmad & N.C. Ahmat Impact of actual self-congruity and ideal self-congruity on experiential value and behavioral intention J.M. Yusof, H.A. Manan, N.A.M. Kassim & N.A. Karim Corporate sponsorship and intention to sponsor sporting events in Malaysia S. Tarmudi, I.S. Bahar, M.F.S. Bakhtiar, S.A. Jamal, N. Othman & I.R. Razak The time-satisfaction relationship of interpretation topics in Yehliu Geopark C.H. Chu, Y.J. Guo, C.C. Chen, C.H. Hsu, Y.H. Wang & Y.C. Wang Sensory marketing influence on customer lifetime value of the hotel industry B.S. Hosseini, R. Mohd-Roslin & P. Mihanyar Taxonomical challenges of loyalty program management in Malaysian city hotels J. Anuar, N. Sumarjan & S.M. Radzi The mediating effect of superior CRM capability: The impact of organizational wide implementation and training orientation on profitability H.Y. Liu & T.B. Phung Motivational function and online community participation towards brand commitment: A case of Grand Blue Wave Hotel, Shah Alam N.S. Shariffuddin & N.A. Ahmad Predictors of guest retention: Investigating the role of hotel's corporate social responsibility activities and brand image N.Z. Othman & M.A. Hemdi Sponsorship leverage and its effects on brand image A.H. Abdul-Halim, A.R. Mohamad-Mokhtar, N.A. Nordin, A.R. Ghazali, W.S. Wan-Abdul-Ghani & N.F. Mohd-Sah Price fairness evaluation on hotel distribution channels and emotional response: A concept W.A.N. Wan-Salman & S.M. Radzi Consumer purchase intention towards Sharia Compliant Hotel (SCH) N.S.N. Muhamad-Yunus, N. Abd-Razak & N.M.A. Ghani Food blog: Examining the blog trustworthiness and purchase intention behavior W.I. Wan-Ruzanna, A. Zaileen-Elina, A. Roslina & W.I. Wan-Mahirah Tourism management Why Malaysian opt out domestic holidays for trips abroad? M. Hafiz, N. Aminuddin, M.R. Jamaluddin & M.N.I. Ismail Exploring responsible tourism development facet M. Hafiz, M.R. Jamaluddin, M.I. Zulkifly & N. Othman The development of sports tourism towards residents of Langkawi Island, Malaysia P.H. Khor, N.F.H. Ibrahim-Rasdi & K.C. Lim Travel behavioral intention of choosing Malaysia as destination for medical tourism A. Aziz, R. Md-Yusof, N.T. Abu-Bakar, S.N.H. Taib & M. Ayob Cruise tourism in Malaysia: A SWOT analysis K.L. Chong The way youth enjoying KILIM Geopark A. Marzuki & D. Mohamad Tourism signatures and moderating effect of by-products in building Sarawak state destination image A. Emaria, M.S.M. Zahari & M.Z. Nur-Adilah International tourists revisit intention: Has it prevalence in United Arab Emirates? J.M. Abdul-Rahim, M.S.M. Zahari, S.A. Talib & M.Z. Suhaimi A survey of hikers' characteristics at prominent mountains in Malaysia S.H. Taher, S.A. Jamal & N. Sumarjan Tourism Industry Compensation Fund (TICF) in Malaysia: Some legal and policy considerations A.A. Hasan & N.C. Abdullah Community-based rural tourism as a sustainable development alternative: An analysis with special reference to the community-based rural homestay programmes in Malaysia K. Kayat, R. Ramli, M. Mat-Kasim & R. Abdul-Razak Image formation, tourism images and tourists visit intention: Developing constructs for empirical investigation Z. Saleki, M.S.M. Zahari & S.A. Talib Economic values of Ulu Chepor Recreational Park, Perak: A travel cost approach M.A.R. Abdul-Samad & S. Naim Homestay accommodation for tourism development in Kelantan, Malaysia M.H. Bhuiyan, A. Aman, C. Siwar, S.M. Ismail & M.F. Mohd-Jani The influence of generic and specific features of destination attractiveness on behavioural intentions: Taman Negara National Park P. Mihanyar, S.A. Rahman & N. Aminudin Supply analysis in the continuity of community-based tourism N. Aminudin, W.S.Z. Yahya & N. Sumarjan The perspective and expectation among Singaporean tourists toward destination image of Perak A.M.F. Wahab, M.A.A. Bashir, M.D. Darson & M.H. Zamri Understanding the impact of cultural tourism in small town sustainable development K.W. Awang, M.F. Ong, Y.A. Aziz & G. Jeahnichen STEP analysis and health tourism development in Malaysia M.R. Dzulkipli, N.A. Mohamed-Yunus & I. Zakaria Determinants of tourist perception towards responsible tourism: A study at Malacca world heritage site H.S. Fatin, A.S. Amirah & N.O. Khairani Entrepreneurial knowledge and hospitality awareness of agro-tourism Z. Siti-Hajar, M.S. Fadzilah, M. Muzzamir & A.H. Norhaslin HR issues of Gen Y in tourism: Anticipating the future challenges N. Aqilah-Ahmad, A.H. Jantan, D. Zawawi & M. Othman Community-Based Tourism (CBT) industry: Operators awareness in the revenue management practices N.A. Ahmad, A.F. Amir, S.M. Radzi, A.A. Azdel & M.S.Y. Kamaruddin Tourists perceived destination competitiveness: A case of Langkawi Island, Malaysia Z. Zainuddin, S.M. Radzi & M.S.M. Zahari The role of perceived authenticity as the determinant to revisit heritage tourism destination in Penang Z.M. Rani, N. Othman & K.N. Ahmad The prospect of Malay cultural heritage in Melaka: A preliminary evaluation J. Jusoh & N.F.A. Hamid Re-visit alternative dispute resolution in resolving disputes amongst travel operators and holidaymakers in Malaysia N.C. Abdullah Exploring conceptual framework of tourism SMEs performance in heritage sites M.M. Rashid, M. Jaafar, N. Dahalan & M. Khoshkam Technology and innovation in hospitality and tourism Social media: Credibility, popularity and its benefits towards events' awareness M.H. Zamri, M.D. Darson & A.M.F. Wahab Travelers' sharing behaviors on the internet: Case of Taiwan P.S. Hsieh Exploring the accessibility and content quality of the Go2homestay website S.A. Sabaruddin, N.H. Abdullah, S.A. Jamal & S. Tarmudi SoLoMo and online trust towards generation Y's intention to visit boutique hotels A.A. Ahmad, M.N.I. Ismail & S.M. Radzi The integration of Technology Readiness (TR) and Customer Perceived Value (CPV) in tablet-based menu ordering experience M.I. Zulkifly, M.S.M. Zahari, M. Hafiz & M.R. Jamaluddin Perception of environmental strategies in hotels and the influence towards future behavior intention: Locals' perspective in Malaysia M.F.S. Bakhtiar, A.A. Azdel, M.S.Y. Kamaruddin & N.A. Ahmad Comparative research of Pro-Environmental Behavior (PEBs) in daily life and tourism circumstances H.J. Kim, N.J. Kim & K.M. Yoo The mediating effect of attitude between customer responsiveness and actual usage of "Touch `n Go" card in foodservice outlets S. Zurena, M.S.M. Zahari & O. Ida-Rosmini Foodservice and food safety Assessing plate waste in public hospital foodservice management N.A. Zulkiply & C.T. Chik Complaint behavior on too long waiting or service delay: Analysis based on customer genders and occupations N. Zainol, M.A.A. Bashir, A.R. Ahmad Rozali & M.S.M. Zahari The impact of food quality and its attributes on customers' behavioral intention at Malay restaurants M.A.A. Bashir, N. Zainol & A.M.F. Wahab Health is wealth: The significance of organic/slow food in the context of Indian people A.K. Rai Customer perceptions on Halal food quality towards their revisit intention: A case study on Chinese Muslim restaurants N.H. Rejab, N.R.A.N. Ruhadi, A. Arsat, J. Jamil & H. Hassan Attributes to select casual dining restaurants: A case of customers in Klang Valley area, Malaysia F. Ahmad, H. Ghazali & M. Othman Customer behavioural intention: Influence of service delivery failures and perceived value in Malay restaurants Z. Othman, M.S.M. Zahari & S.M. Radzi Customer awareness and attitude towards restaurant grading system in Shah Alam N.H. Mohd-Rejab, N.N. Ahmad-Jazuli, J. Jamil, A. Arsat & H. Hassan Food temperature knowledge and practice among food handlers at school canteens A. Ena-Arzairina, R.S. Raja-Saidah, M.D. Hayati & A.A. Saidatul-Afzan Attracting and sustaining customers through antecedent satisfaction of dining experience S. Ismail & M.S. Mohd-Shah Evaluation of hygiene practices on microbiological quality of tuna sandwiches N.A. Mahyuddin, H. Nadia & W.I. Wan-Zunairah Consumers' understanding and perception on the use of food premise grading system H. Hassan, J. Jamil, A. Arsat, A.A. Saidatul-Afzan & F.S. Chang Analysing passengers' expectation towards KTMB railways catering S.M.A. Azid, M. Ramli, R.P.S. Raja-Abdullah, L. Benedict-Jipiu & N. Baba The relationship between Perceived Organizational Supports (POS) and intention to leave a job among employees of casual dining restaurants in Klang Valley area H. Ghazali, N. Mohamad-Nashuki & M. Othman Physicochemical changes and oxidative stability of nanostructured ginger rhizome marinated spent hen during chill storage A. Norhidayah, A. Noriham & M. Rusop Perceptions and current practices in bakery industries from halal perspective S. Bachok, C.T. Chik, M.A. Ghani & M.K. Ayob Nutrient content of menu for basic recruit training in military foodservice A. Nurhazwani, A. Nurul-Aziah & M.R. Aikal-Liyani Assessment of food handlers' knowledge, attitude and practices on food hygiene in Serdang, Selangor N.A. Mahyuddin, Z. Zainon & U.F. Ungku-Zainal-Abidin Gastronomy Social influence and construction of postpartum food intake among Malay women M.S.Y. Kamaruddin, A.A. Azdel, N.A. Ahmad, M.F.S. Bakhtiar & S.A. Wahab The influence of Malay food characteristics on customer purchase intention J. Nur-Syuhada, M.S. Fadzilah, M.A. Khairunnisa & M. Rosmaliza A study of food tourism: The potential for activating business in Malaysia S.M. Hashemi & N. Hosseiniyan Understanding and usage of Malay food terminologies among young Malay culinarians M.A. Khairunnisa, M.S.M. Zahari, M. Rosmaliza & M.S.M. Shariff Determinants of food heritage in Malaysia context A.M. Ramli & M.S.M. Zahari Does food besides tourism core products contribute to Sabah destination image? M.Z.N. Adilah, M.S.M. Zahari & A. Emaria Food and culture in tourism: Where does Penang Island stand? D. Mohamad, S.I. Omar & B. Mohamed Sociocultural factors, female students body internalization, food choices and eating patterns M.N.A. Akbarruddin, M.S.M. Zahari & Z. Othman The effect of displacement on indigenous tribes' socio-culture and food practices N.M. Shahril, M.N. Syuhirdy, M.S.M. Zahari & A.H. Hamizad Traditional Hari Raya food: An insight from three Malay women generations M.S.M. Sharif, M.S.M. Zahari, R. Muhammad & N.M. Nor Social interaction among Malaysian ethnics: Its impact on food preparation and consumption N. Ishak & M.S.M. Zahari Relevant areas in hospitality and tourism Assessing medical tourists' destination choice behavior: A conceptual perspective A.A. Suki, L. Putit, J.M. Yusof & N.R.M. Khan Establishing Shariah-compliance hotel characteristics from a Muslim needs perspective M.S. Nor-Zafir Education and training as a challenge facing Small to Medium Tourism Enterprises (SMTEs) of the Eastern Cape (EC) province of South Africa (SA): An empirical study D. Vallabh & O. Mhlanga Service recovery and satisfaction: The moderating role of religiosity M.H.A. Rashid & F.S. Ahmad Postgraduate students, reading comprehension, writing skills and thesis completion A.H. Hamizad, M.S.M. Zahari, N.M. Shahril & M.N. Shuhirdy The influence of Arabic language communication practices by tourism operators on destination loyalty: Survey on Arab Muslim visitors S. Wahab & M. Yusoff Employability mismatch in hiring disabled workers in hospitality industry M.M. Shaed, C.T. Chik, N. Sumarjan & S.A. Jamal Finding value in a heritage landscape: The visitors' perception study K.B. Shuib, H. Hashim & N.K. Bahrain Motivation towards satisfaction among international sport events volunteers M.R. Norhidayah, M. Hairunnisa, M.A. Norafifah & N. Othman Analyzing the ranking of security challenges of tourism development: A case study of Mazandaran Province, Iran Z. Sharifinia Tourist's gender and income differences on perceptions and intentions of online information R. Radzliyana, P.H. Khor, A.A. Azlan & K.C. Lim A review of family influences on travel decision making F.N. Osman, H. Hashim, H. Nezakati, S.R. Hussin, Y.A. Aziz & R.N. Raja-Yusof Job performance and employee satisfaction at International Youth Centre, Kuala Lumpur N.M.A. Ghani & N.S.N. Muhamad-Yunus A conceptual review of homestay community resilience factors A.A. Ghapar, N. Othman, S.A. Jamal & A.F. Amir Stock market reaction to major world sporting events F.F. Cheng & B.T.H. Hwa Performance analysis of hospitality REIT: A case study of YTL hospitality REIT N.N. Chuweni, S.N.M. Ali, M.N.I. Ismail & S.H. Ahmad Author index

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