Those Amazing Dogs Book 2: In the Viking Volcano

Those Amazing Dogs Book 2: In the Viking Volcano

By: Edwin Fenne (author)eBook


Max, Molly and Oddie are three amazing dogs who travel with their famous archaeologist owners Felix and Erica Strong on adventures all over the world. Following a lead to Greenland in search of Viking treasure, Felix and Erica become trapped inside an erupting volcano. It is up to their resourceful dogs to find a way in to rescue them before the volcano explodes.

With the help of some local animals, including a polar bear and an arctic fox named Blue, the dogs plan a daring rescue that only they could pull off. Using their natural instincts and skills, Max, Molly and Oddie sniff out their humans and bring them to safety.

The story unfolds with a little bit of Viking history, a little bit of geography and science, and a whole lot of adventure that will please reading kids of all ages.

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  • publisher: Edwin Fenne
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