Vibrations in Rotating Machinery (IMechE Event Publications)

Vibrations in Rotating Machinery (IMechE Event Publications)

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This essential text contains the papers from the 8th international IMechE conference on Vibrations in Rotating Machinery held at the University of Wales, Swansea in September 2004. The themes of the volume are new developments and industrial applications of current technology relevant to the vibration and noise of rotating machines and assemblies. TOPICS INCLUDE - Rotor balancing - including active and automatic balancing - Special rotating machines - including micromachines - Oil film bearings and dampers - Active control methods for rotating machines - Smart machine technology - Dynamics of assembled rotors - Component life predictions and life extension strategies - The dynamics of geared systems - Cracked rotors - detection, location ad prognosis - Chaotic behaviour in machines - Experimental methods and discoveries.

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The IMechE is the United Kingdom's qualifying body for mechanical engineers and the home of mechanical engineers for over 150 years. Around 75,000 engineers world-wide are members.


Seals; C623/057/2004 Calibration of labyrinth seal bulk flow design analysis predictions to CFD simulation results R G Kirk and Z Guo 3; C623/018/2004 Rotordynamics of turbine labyrinth seals - a comparison of CFD models to experiments J Schettel and R Nordmann 13; C623/049/2004 Assessing seal clearance loss caused by static deflection and unbalance response of a large compressor rotor A J Smalley, J R Hollingsworth, M Camatti, and W Hardeveld 23; Bearings; C623/050/2004 Self-excited vibration of elastic rotors in tilting-pad journal bearings H Taura and M Tanaka 35; C623/014/2004 Stabilization of a rigid rotor by a time-varying stiffness of the bearing mounts H Ecker and A Tondl 45; C623/015/2004 Squeeze film damper with rigorous account of cavitation K-O Olsson 55; Analysis; C623/010/2004 Dynamic analysis of a rotor system supported by non-ideal plain journal bearings P E Hannukainen, J T Sopanen, and A Mikkola 69; C623/021/2004 The stability of centrifugal compressors by applications of tilt-pad seals E A Memmott 81; C623/038/2004 Rotordynamic modelling of a multi-stage water-injection pump for enhanced oil recovery S H Al-Farsi, B Samanta, and K R Al-Balushi 91; C623/041/2004 Analysis of non-linear effects in oil-film journal bearings A Vania and E Tanzi 101; C623/019/2004 A tracking solver using sliding mode control to obtain eigensolutions of rotor-bearing systems O Matsushita, H Fujiwara, and M Ito 111; C623/068/2004 Investigation into the performance of an aero-engine rotor assembly incorporating a non-circular squeeze film damper D F Kik, C L Lim, and M C Levesley 121; C623/070/2004 Analysis of a flexible rotor system including non-linear squeeze film damping using a finite element method C L Lim, D F Kik, and M C Levesley 131; C623/079/2004 Prediction of dynamic response of machine tool by sub-structure analysis M R Movahhedy and J M Gerami 141; C623/024/2004 Numerical approach to investigation of stability and vibration of rotors supported by long segment bearings lubricated with oil containing air bubbles J Zapomel 153; C623/028/2004 Analysis of essentially non-linear vibration of large-scale models for bladed discs with variable contact and friction at root joints E P Petrov and D J Ewins 163; C623/008/2004 Computational modelling of frequency-dependent additional effects during fluid-film interaction with structures E Malenovsky and F Pochyly 173; C623/090/2004 Optimization methods applied to parameters estimation of flexible coupling in rotating systems A Tapia Tadeo, H Fiori de Castro, and K Lucchesi Cavalca 183; C623/075/2004 The stiffening effect of laminated rotor cores on flexible-rotor electrical machines S D Garvey, J E T Penny, M I Friswell, and A W Lees 193; Experimental; C623/023/2004 Validating synchronous blade vibration amplitudes from blade tip-timing data analysis J Gallego Garrido and G Dimitriadis 205; C623/085/2004 Automatic post-processing of laser vibrometry data for rotor vibration measurements B Halkon and S Rothberg 215; C623/110/2004 Laser doppler vibrometry measurements of a rotating milling machine spindle M Rantatalo, K Tatar, and P Norman 231; C623/016/2004 Controlling method of sideband noise of meshing frequency for spiral bevel gears; T Hirogaki, E Aoyama, T Katayama, Y Nakata, Y Nakano, and Y Uenishi 241; C623/040/2004 Model-based analysis of torsional and transverse vibrations of geared rotating machines; P Pennacchi and A Vania 251; C623/078/2004 Real-time travelling waves and whirl decomposition; I Bucher, M Feldman, A Minikes, and R Gabay 261; C623/033/2004 A simple but versatile rotor model; J E T Penny, M I Friswell, A W Lees, and S D Garvey 269; C623/039/2004 Defeating Nyquist; R F McLean, S H Alsop, and J S Fleming 281; C623/007/2004 Application of Goertzel Algorithm for unbalance signal processing; D Neumeuer and R Nordmann 291; C623/020/2004 Rolling element bearing fault detection using improved envelope analysis; L Shi, R B Randall, and J Antoni 301; C623/027/2004 Automated novelty detection using a modified Kohonen self organizing map; L B Jack, A K Nandi, and M L D Wong 313; C623/059/2004 Damaged roller bearing vibrations - study of the cyclic statistical features; N Bouguerriou, C Capdessus, E Sekko, and L Allam 323; C623/101/2004 The effects of localized gear tooth damage on the gear dynamics - a comparison of the effect of a gear tooth root crack and a spall on the gear transmission error; H Endo, R B Randall, and C Gosselin 333; C623/104/2004 A novel condensation scheme for identification of crack model parameters in a beam based on force-response measurements; R Tiwari, N Dharmaraju, and S Talukdar 343; C623/046/2004 An application of artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic to vibration monitoring of large rotating machinery in power plants; L Gregori and G A Zanetta 353; C623/026/2004 Automatic feature extraction for bearing fault detection using genetic programming; H Guo, L B Jack, and A K Nandi 363; C623/030/2004 Identification of rotor dynamic machinery - a laboratory trial; A W Less, E D Price, and M I Friswell 373; C623/081/2004 Unbalance identification in a large steam turbogenerator using model-based identification and modal foundation; N Bachschmid, P Pennacchi, A Vania, L Gregori, and G A Zanetta 383; C623/105/2004 Experimental estimation of bearing dynamic parameters from rundown data; R Tiwari, A W Lees, and M I Friswell 393; C624/072/2004 Identification of the configuration state of turbomachinery using rotor deformation measurements; W Hu, N S Feng, and E J Hahn 403; C623/093/2004 Evaluation of rigid and flexible coupling models in an experimental rotor-coupling-bearing system using frequency response functions; A Tapia Tadeo and K Lucchesi Cavalca 413; C623/034/2004 Vibration measurements for validation of electromechanical rotor model for cage induction motor; T P Holopainen, S A Aatola, and A Arkkio 423; C623/091/2004 Updating method based on genetic algorithm applied to non-linear journal bearing model; H Fiori de Castro, S Junichi Idehara, K Lucchesi Cavalca, and M Dias Junior 433; Case Studies; C623/011/2004 Vibration of an automotive turbocharger - a case study; R Holmes, M J Brennan, and B Gottrand 445; C623/037/2004 Rotordynamic analysis of an electric submersible pump; S Al-Gheithi, B Samanta, K R Al-Balushi, S A Al-Araimi, and R A Siddiqui 457; C623/103/2004 Dynamics of high-speed cryo pump rotors; J S Rao, R Sreenivas, and P P George 467; Diagnostics; C623/088/2004 Diagnosis of gearbox faults in the field; A El-Shafei 479; C623/022/2004 Fault classification using genetic programming L Zhang, L B Jack, and A K Nandi 491; C623/060/2004 Detection and modelling of rotor eccentricity in electrical machines - an overview; L Frosini and P Pennacchi 501; C623/009/2004 Analysis of rolling element bearing faults in rotating machinery - experiments, modelling, fault detection, and diagnosis; M L Adams and K A Loparo 511; C623/062/2004 Inverse determination of imbalance distributions; D Peters, R Nordmann, B Domes, and P Maass 521; C623/077/2004 Active diagnostics of rotating structures; I Bucher, O Shomer, and H Raz 531; C623/048/2004 Evaluation of damping ratio estimation techniques for rotordynamic stability measurements; C H Cloud, E H Maslen, and L E Barrett 541; Cracked Rotors; C623/067/2004 Torsional behaviour of cracked rotors; N Bachschmid, P Pennacchi, and E Tanzi 553; C623/025/2004 A scenario test for detection of breathing crack in rotors; C-W Lee and S-W Kang 563; Modelling and Analysis; C623/051/2004 Model analysis of rotor system using modulated co-ordinates for asymmetric rotor system with anisotropic stator; C-W Lee, J-H Suh, and S-W Hong 575; C623/047/2004 Integrating experimental tests and rotordynamics analysis for solving vibration problems on geothermal turbogenerator sets; L Gregori, G A Zanetta, D Lucci, and C Lupetti 585; C623/002/2004 Experiments and modelling of a three-bearing flexible rotor for unbalance response and instability thresholds; M L Adams and A H Falah 595; Modelling and Optimization; C623/069/2004 Application of a new modelling technique to a highly non-linear flexible rotor system; A P H Weightman, M C Levesley, and W J Manning 605; C623/092/2004 Statistical analysis and optimization of design parameters in components of rotating machinery; Z de Castro Silveira and K Lucchesi Cavalca 615; C623/063/2004 Simultaneous optimum design of rotor and magnetic bearings; T Iwatsubo, N Nakanishi, and A Nakashima 627; Rub-Related Vibration; C623/029/2004 Non-linear parameter identification of a rotor with partial rub; Y-S Choi 641; C623/012/2004 Parametric characterization of rub induced whirl instability using an instrumented rotordynamics test rig; R J Williams 651; C623/112/2004 Smooth treatment and non-linear characteristics of non-linear rotor system with step impact-rub force; G Meng and F S Lin 661; C623/080/2004 Rotor-to-stator rub causing spiral vibrations - modelling and validation of experimental data on a real rotating machine; N Bachschmid, P Pennacchi, and A Vania 671; C623/001/2004 Low-frequency vibrations in disk braking systems - controlling the creep-groan phenomenon in road vehicles; M F Harrison 681; Smart Machine Concepts; C623/036/2004 New system identification scheme of AMB rotor system considering sensor and actuator dynamics; H-J Ahn, D-C Han, C-J Kim, and E H Maslen 693; C623/017/2004 Active parametric vibration control of a smart beam; H Springer and S Kovyrshin 703; C623/074/2004 Vibration control with lateral force produced in electrical machines; W K S Khoo, S D Garvey, K Kalita, and P R Houlston 713; Authors' Index 723

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