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War on Drugs IV: The Continuing Saga of the Mysteries and Miseries of Intoxication, Addiction, Crime and Public Policy (4th edition)

War on Drugs IV: The Continuing Saga of the Mysteries and Miseries of Intoxication, Addiction, Crime and Public Policy (4th edition)

By: James A. Inciardi (author)Paperback

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Written by a leading researcher and textbook author in the field of alcohol and drug studies, this text presents a series of perspectives and reflections on the worlds of drug-taking, drug-seeking, and public policy.. This highly readable book takes a candid look at the world of drug and alcohol use, abuse, and control. The text presents many sides of major issues, the history and patterns of abuse, and coverage of the major drugs (e.g. heroin, cocaine, crack, prescription drugs, marijuana, amphetamines, hallucinogens, and club drugs). This excellent resource can be a main text or supplement, and serves as a basis for discussion and debate of some of the major issues related to the drug problem (e.g. legalization, medical marijuana, needle exchange, harm reduction, supply reduction strategies versus demand reduction strategies).


1. The Mysteries and Miseries of Intoxication and Addiction. Roots, Berries, Herbs, and Grains: Some Thoughts on Cocktails, Brews, and Other Libations and Potations in Stone Age Culture. Professors, Word Games, and the FDA: Some Trivial Distinctions Between Drug "Use," Drug "Misuse," and Drug "Abuse." Answering the Enigmatic Question: Is It Drug "Addiction" or Drug "Dependence?" or Maybe it's Something Called Pseudoaddiction! How Many Drug Abusers are There? Postscript. I. DRUG FADS, FASHIONS, AND EPIDEMICS: SOME PERSPECTIVES ON "GETTING HIGH" IN AMERICA. 2. From Dover's Powder to the Evil Weed of the Fields: The Early History of Drug-Taking in America. Thomas Dover, Robinson Crusoe, and the Great American Medicine Show. Triplex Liver Pills, French Wine Coca, and the Introduction of Cocaine to the United States. The Peculiar Legacy of Bayer Laboratories. Hucksters, the "Red Clause," and the Emergence of Anti-Drug Legislation. Snow Parties, German War Propaganda, and the Rise of the Criminal "Addict." Marijuana: The Evil Weed of the Fields, Roadsides, and River Beds. Postscript. 3. "Everybody Smokes Dope": Drug-Taking in Post World War II America. The Road to H. "Timothy Leary is Dead . . . ." From Black Beauty to King Kong. The Many Lives of Captain Quaalude. "Everybody Smokes Dope." Tic, Rocket Fuel, and the Specter of the Living Dead. Postscript. 4. Binge Drinking, Raves, Circuit Parties, and the Mickey Finn: Drugs and the Youth Culture at the Beginning of the 21st Century. Alcohol: The Devil's Kindling Club Cultures and Club Drugs The Changing Life of Mickey Finn: "Acquaintance Rape" Drugs - Yesterday and Today. Brews and Blends Both Familiar and Strange: The Adulteration of Club, Party, and Dance Drugs. Postscript. II. SHIT, SMACK, SUPERFLY, AND HILLBILLY HEROIN: "THE MOST DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES ON EARTH." 5. China White and Mexican Black: Some Comments on the Production, Traccicking and Use of Heroin and Other "Narcotics." What, Indeed, ARE "Narcotic" Drugs? Heroin: "The Most Dangerous Substance on Earth." H is for Heaven, H is for Hell, H is for Heroin. Gambling with Death. The Heroin Epidemics. Heroin "Chic" and the "Gen-X" Junkie. Postscript. 6. Cocaine, Crack, and Other Analogs of "Mama Coca." Cocaine: "The Most Dangerous Substance on Earth." "Welcome to the Hotel California . . . ." Coca Paste and Hurricane Crack: The Smoking of Mama Coca Sketches from the Crack Hustle. The "Crack Baby" Myth. Postscript. III. SOME CONSEQUENCES OF DRUG-TAKING AND DRUG-SEEKING. 7. Bars, Footballs, OCs, and Watson 387: Prescription Drug Abuse and Diversion in the 21st Century Opiodids, Benzos, And Prescription Stimulants The Epidemiology Of Prescription Drug Abuse Oxycontin: Miracle Medicine Or Devil Drug? The Diversion Of Prescription Medications Postscript IV. STRATEGIES IN THE WAR ON DRUGS. 8. Legends of the Living Dead: Unraveling the Drugs/Crime Connection. Religious Alchemy, the Saga of D.B. Cooper, and the Genesis of the Drug Myths. The Tale of a Terrible Vice. Fables and Parables of the "Living Dead." Drugs, Sex, and Rock 'N' Roll. The Riddle of the Sphinx. America's First "War on Drugs." Heroin, Cocaine, and Crime in the Streets. The Drugs/Violence Connection. Drug Use, Sex Work, and the Subculture of Violence Postscript. 9. Mainlining Death: Probing the AIDS/Drugs Connection. AIDS: A Strange Disease of Uncertain Origins. Mainlining Death. Viral Hepatitis and Injection Drug Use. The Dilemmas of Drugs, Sex, HCV, and HIV/AIDS. Postscript. 10. The Great Drug War: Policies and Programs to Reduce Drug Supply and Demand. Supply Reduction Strategies. Demand Reduction Strategies. Postscript. 11. The Great Drug Debate: The War on American Drug Policy. Legalization of Drugs: The Professed Benefits. Unresolved Issues in the Quest for a Legalized Drug Market. The Public Health and Behavioral Consequences Argument. The Crime and "Enslavement" Argument. The Drugs/Violence Argument. The Expanded Market Argument. Sophism, Legalization, and Illicit Drug Use. Prohibition Versus Regulation. Postscript: What Harm is Reduction? 12. War is not the Answer. The Golden Fleece Award Incarcerating Drug-Involved Offenders California's Proposition 36 Treating Drug-Involved Offenders in Correctional Settings Postscript Appendix I: General Drug Terms and Concepts. Appendix II: Scheduling Provisions of the Federal Controlled Substances Act. Name Index. Subject Index.

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