What You Need to Know About Human Sex

What You Need to Know About Human Sex

By: Dr Graham Clingbine (author)eBook
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What You Need To Know About Human Sex reveals a great diversity of human sexual activities. Dr Graham Clingbine’s enlightening new book is intended to be informative, educative and in some parts, entertaining. Many aspects of human sexuality are still taboo and not spoken about even in so-called modern society. Such areas are reviewed and discussed openly without the inclusion of the author’s personal opinion. Readers are challenged throughout the book to consider their own views relating to sex in their own and other cultures, identify any personal prejudicial thoughts about the sexual proclivities of others and to question their own sexual behaviour. Having identified the scope of human sexual activity, What You Need To Know About Human Sex covers controversial areas including sexual identity, sexual orientation and the influences of cultural tradition, religious dogma and ethical views on human sexual behaviour, including the degree of acceptability of practices such as female genital mutilation. The legal constraints on sexual activity in different cultures are looked at, along with how legislation varies in different countries. Other areas covered are health and safety (including contraception), sex education, how the body functions during sex and sexual dysfunctions. The changing role and availability of pornography in society is also reviewed. What You Need To Know About Human Sex is an informative and essential read in a society that still ignores a lot of unusual but by no means unnatural proclivities. Graham Clingbine disrobes many myths and sheds much-needed light on many aspects of sex, encouraging our growing acceptance of different sexual identities and providing information useful to people from all backgrounds. The information will benefit people of all ages especially young adults forming their views of the world and our diverse culture. Health organisations and educational establishments will also find this book a useful tool to use with patients and students.

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