By: J.A. Jernay (author)eBook


For fans of Carl Hiassen, Tom Wolfe, and Jonathan Franzen...

A philandering husband...

His dead wife...

And one very nasty last will and testament.

After his wife loses her battle with cancer, Stephen Craving discovers that she’s denied him her entire million-dollar estate.


He brings together the seven estranged members of his family for a classic trip to Orlando, Florida.

Thus begins an epic journey of the modern American family, one that carries them from the Midwestern heartland into Floridian swampland...

... from Walt Disney World into a world of economic struggle...

... from real-estate speculation into minimum-wage desperation.

Laced with intense plotting, sharp characterization, satirical wit, and a remarkable sense of place, WHORLANDO is the story of one broken family struggling to make itself whole.

From an author who has contributed to the Washington Post Book Review...

...who was a finalist in a prestigious short story contest sponsored by the estate of F. Scott Fitzgerald...

...who, writing as J.A. Jernay, has authored the successful Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery series...

...comes the story of the ultimate family vacation ... and one man’s pursuit of the American Dream.

Approximately 105,000 words.

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  • book language: en
  • publisher: J.A. Jernay

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