Working Mom's Survival Guide

Working Mom's Survival Guide

By: Paula Peters (author)eBook


More women than ever before are going back to work soon after having a baby. And no matter what their job, making the transition from home to work can be really challenging. Whether dealing with day-to-day dilemmas like spitup on their power suits or big-picture problems like the cost of child care, new moms need relief! Written in a friendly and encouraging tone, this guide is all a stressed-out mother needs to organize her life so everyoneÆs happyùincluding herself! From prebaby planning to after-baby adjustments, this book covers it all, including:

  • FMLA and maternity leave
  • Temporary schedules and career planning
  • Job changes
  • Child care
  • Responsibilities at home
  • Caring for yourself
  • Considering a new job
  • Choosing to quit
  • Dealing with unexpected or special challenges

With this book by their side, new mothers can have their careersùand be great moms, too!

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