Specimens Of Bushman Folklore

Specimens Of Bushman Folklore

By: L.C. Lloyd (author), W.H.I. Bleek (author)eBook


Specimens of Bushman Folklore
by W.H.I. Bleek and L.C. Lloyd

"Specimens of Bushman Folklore is a book by the linguist Wilhelm H. I. Bleek and Lucy C. Lloyd published in 1911.

The book records eighty-seven Bushman legends, myths and other traditional stories. The stories were collected through interviews with five Bushmen, named |A!kungta, ||Kabbo, Dia!kwain, !Kweiten ta ||ken and |Hang?kasso (the punctuation and other marks represent various clicks), which were later translated by Dr. Bleek. It also includes sketches of rock art attributed to the Bushmen people.

Specimens of Bushman Folklore has been considered the cornerstone of study of the Bushmen and their religious beliefs."

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