Nerves and Nerve Injuries Vol 2: Pain, Treatment, Injury, Disease and Future Directions

Nerves and Nerve Injuries Vol 2: Pain, Treatment, Injury, Disease and Future Directions

By: Marios Loukas (editor), Nicholas Barbaro (editor), Mohammadali M. Shoja (editor), Elias Rizk (editor), Robert J. Spinner (editor), R. Shane Tubbs (editor)eBook
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Nerves and Nerve Injuries is a must-have for clinicians and researchers dealing with the Peripheral Nervous System and neuropathy. An indispensable work for anyone studying the nerves or treating patients with nerve injuries, these books will become the ‘go to’ resource in the field. The nerves are treated in a systematic manner, discussing details such as their anatomy (both macro- and microscopic), physiology, examination (physical and imaging), pathology, and clinical and surgical interventions. The authors contributing their expertise are international experts on the subject. The books cover topics from detailed nerve anatomy and embryology to cutting-edge knowledge related to treatment, disease and mathematical modeling of the nerves.

Nerves and Nerve Injuries Volume 2 focuses on pain, treatment, injury, disease and future directions in the field. This volume also addresses new information regarding neural interfaces, stem cells, medical and surgical treatments, and medical legal issues following nerve injury.

  • Most up-to-date comprehensive overview available on nerves and nerve injuries
  • Comprehensive coverage of nerve injuries on bones, joints, muscles, and motor function; and offers an approach to the treatment of nerve injuries
  • Edited work with chapters authored by leaders in the field around the globe – the broadest, most expert coverage available
  • Covers surgical exposure of the nerves including technical aspects of nerve repair and medicinal treatment of nerve injuries
  • Discusses the future of our understanding of the nerves including axonal modeling, synthetic interfaces and brain changes following nerve injury

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