Savannah's Historical Public Schools

Savannah's Historical Public Schools

By: Larry W. Smith (author)eBook


The story of Savannah's historic public schools, both black and white, is one of modest beginnings, noteworthy achievement, and remarkable people. As the small schoolhouses of downtown Savannah evolved into the sprawling educational complexes of today, they maintained an impressive record of service to the community's most important citizens: its young people. Savannah's commitment to public education is as old as the city itself; from the beginning, efforts were made to ensure that education was available to all. The opening of the Massie Common School in 1856 marked the start of the modern era of public education in Savannah. For the first time, a building was designed, built, staffed, and maintained for the express purpose of providing education to all of the city's children, regardless of their families' ability to pay. Massie Common School's first principal eventually left Savannah to become superintendent of Atlanta's public school system, paving the way for local politicians who took their school board experiences with them when they were elected to state office. These pioneers of public education in Savannah spread methods and practices established in local schools throughout the state.

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