Tahuhu Korero The Sayings of Taitokerau

Tahuhu Korero The Sayings of Taitokerau

By: Merata Kawharu (author)eBook
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Tahuhu Korero is a collection of pepeha and whakatauki - Maori proverbs and sayings - from the Taitokerau region, which stretches from Auckland to Cape Reinga. Pepeha and the longer whakatauki are passed down the generations to capture key moments in history, important places and celebrated ancestors. They are also powerful metaphors for human behaviour. Tahuhu Korero presents nearly 200 proverbs from the North in Maori, with translations into English, and explains the origin and meaning of each saying. By elucidating people, places and events as well as the broader meanings of particular pepeha, Tahuhu Korero reveals the wisdom of the ancestors. It features historical paintings and spectacular new photographs of the people and places of the North. From this combination of proverbs, history and images emerges a rich and accessible introduction to the people and the land of the Taikokerau.

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  • publication date: 01/10/2013
  • ID: 9781869405298
  • book language: en
  • publisher: Auckland University Press
  • publisher imprint: Auckland University Press

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