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Explore our Eco Stationery Collection to find eco-conscious options that are kinder to our planet, in beautiful and affordable designs.

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Stationery addicts, notebook nerds and folder fiends rejoice; at WHSmith you’ll find lots of exciting stationery designs to give you that giddy new-stationery-feeling.

For those stocking up their desks with the essentials, we have the pens, paper, pencil cases, rulers, erasers and desk accessories you need to keep working efficiently. Our stationery ranges from affordable basics to top quality brands from the likes of Parker Pens and Moleskine.

But as all stationery addicts know well; there’s no way we can do a stationery shop without finding something fun and exciting to add to our desks. And if that beautiful purple marble notebook with gold foil and sprayed edges just happens to fall into our basket then who are we to say no! You’ll find all the latest fashion trends to fall in love with within our stationery collections.

Sorted for school

As well as catering for those with a love for stationery, we also stock essential stationery for school to make refilling your supplies for back to school that little bit easier. Whether you’re picking up the basics for the classroom, getting ready to take on revision season or looking for a new rucksack to show off in the hallways; we have all the essentials you need to get ready for the new school year.

Get stuck into our spectacular stationery supplies today and find that gorgeous new folder or pen that’s going to set you up for success.