Lever Arch Files

If you are looking for an easy storage option for your paperwork, lever arch files can provide the perfect solution. Lever arch refers to the attachment method, where holes are punched into the paper using a hole punch, and then the lever arch is inserted through the holes. This can be a simple way to store large amounts of paper, keeping it safe, protected and in order.

Choose from a range of attractive lever arch files

We have a range of lever arch files in stock, coming in all sorts of colours and patterns including blue, black, pink and more. Stock up on files in a range of colours to help organise your revision notes, office files or domestic paperwork on your desk. Or choose one of our patterned folders to add some personality to your workspace.

A range of sizes to suit all filing needs

Lever arch files come in a range of standard sizes, including A5 and A4, and either a standard or a thick depth. For those purchasing lever arch files, you might also be interested in our selection of pockets and dividers, which come with pre-punched holes and can be inserted in the folder to divide up your paperwork. Or perhaps a hole punch to prepare your paper for insertion.

Whatever your filing needs, have a browse through our wide selection of lever arch files and find the storage option that is right for your requirements.

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3 For 2 Files and Folders
109 - 110 of 110 Results