Post-It and Sticky Notes

Stock up on sticky note essentials

Where would we be without Post-It notes? From that little note on the mirror saying, "I love you" through to a tried-and-tested solution for remembering key facts, events and messages, sticky notes are an essential stationery item. We have sticky notes in a selection of different sizes: from larger stickies for bigger notes through to small stickies which can be used as page markers or bookmarks, if you need a reminder, we've got a sticky note that's suitable. As well as a range of sizes, our sticky notes are also available in many different colours. Why not opt for brightly coloured neon sticky notes? Or a pastel pad of Post-Its? Coloured sticky notes don't just look good, they also stand out from the page more, ensuring they're more likely to get noticed

Take a look at our themed Post-It notes!

One of the best things about our collection of sticky notes is the amazing variety of cute options available. Whether your taste runs to quirky designs or you prefer more traditional imagery, our post-it notes cover a range of different themes which are almost universally appealing. If you're stocking up on post-it notes, why not order all the other pencil case and stationery essentials you need? We offer great value on all our stationery items, stocking high-quality options that give excellent performance. Our sticky notes and other stationery supplies can all be ordered online, or pop into your local WHSmith branch to see what we've got on offer.

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165 - 164 of 164 Results