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Whether you’re a dedicated pen enthusiast or simply take pride in your handwriting, we have a vast and exciting range of fountain pens for you to drool over here at WHSmith. Pick up a new Parker Vector for smooth writing every day, or treat yourself to a gorgeous collector’s item such as the Lamy Dialog. Don’t hold back; we’re all pen-obsessed here!

Colouring Pens & Pencils Arrow

In a rainbow of fun colours, we have an exciting array of colouring pens and pencils from the top brands, including Stabilo, Staedtler and Sharpie. Whether you’re practising mindfulness with an adult colouring book or getting stuck into a new art project; we’ve got all the pens you need to keep you happily colouring away.

Anyone with a mild obsession or even just passing interest in stationery knows the joys of a good pen. Whether used for scribbling notes or sweeping along pages to write the next great novel, our enormous selection of writing pens fit any style, any project and any requirement. From the youngest writers to the seasoned pros, there’s a little something for everyone.

Designed with writers in mind

We sometimes take for granted just how often we need and use pens in our daily lives and at the moment you desprately need one, there never seems to be one to hand. Our exciting WHSmith range encompasses thousands of styles and pen types so you can pick the piece most suited to you.

If you’re a dedicated handwriting aficionado, browse our selection of stylish fountain pens from Parker fountain pens to LAMY, HUGE BOSS and Caran d'Ache we have something for any writing to choose from. For those destined to scribble on every paper surface available, our selection of ballpoint and rollerball pens are easy to use and beautifully designed. Many are now also compatible with digital devices, making writing even easier on the go and when inspiration suddenly hits.

For children just entering the world of writing, we know that the right pen can make all the difference. Our selection includes pen choices used nationally by schools with easy grip and smooth nibs - perfect for small hands.

Not your average pen

Our whole collection of pens are designed to last - that means durable outer casings and long-lasting ink to keep you writing for months on end - ensuring you are never without your favourite writing instument and you always have one to hand when the urgent need requires.