Markers and Gel Pens

Make your mark

Whatever you need to scribble or jot with, our range of markers and gel pens can help you to get your point across. We stock all the finest brands here at WHSmith, including Sharpie, Parker, Staedtler and uni-ball. Marker pens are a crucial element of any stationery collection, helping you to create bold notes, add depth to illustrations or simply get someone's attention. From specialist marker pens for artistic purposes to everyday writing utensils or whiteboard markers, we've got it all in a range of finishes. Our selection also offers a range of nib sizes from thick and chunky to fine and chisel nibs. We also have fast-drying, permanent markers and fabric markers suitable for writing on a range of materials.

Find your creative side with gel pens

A staple of any pencil case, we stock a wide selection of gel pens to suit all writing needs. You can find a rainbow of colours to add a pop of colour to greetings cards, school exercise books, post-it notes and more. The major benefit of gel pens is not just their vibrant tones but their smooth glide which helps create artistic embellishments easily without catching on the paper.

Whether you need a pack of marker or gel pens for home, business or in the classroom, enjoy the glide of our pens to create memos and embellishments that stand out. Check out our vast selection online or come visit us in-store to see what we have available.

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