CASIO Calculators

CASIO Calculators

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CASIO calculators are the UK’s bestselling calculator brand; well-loved by students, teachers and professionals for their quality, innovation, and user-friendly designs. One of the best calculator options for GCSE maths, A Levels and further education, an impressive 88% of teachers surveyed recommend CASIO scientific calculators (Source: CASIO 2024).

CASIO Calculators for School

We recommend the CASIO FX-83GT CW (ClassWiz) for GCSE students and National 5 students in Scotland, or the CASIO FX-85GT CW which offers the same functionality but is solar powered with a back-up battery.

Pupils will benefit from the high definition display, simple menu navigation and over 290 functions suitable for Key Stage 3 & 4 learning. These CASIO calculators are allowed in exam halls for calculator papers and include a 3 year guarantee plus protective case; making them the ideal calculator for secondary school. Available in black, grey, blue and pink - you can choose your favourite colour for the classroom.

The FX-83GT CW and the FX-85GT CW are the upgraded versions of the FX83-GT X (the UK’s best-selling scientific calculator) and the FX-85GT X.

The CASIO FX-991 CW - Our Top Pick For AS/A Levels

We recommend the CASIO FX-991 CW (ClassWiz) for students in Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, advanced GCSE, A/AS Level and Higher Education. This new, upgraded version of the CASIO FX-991 EX provides students with a high-definition display and simple navigation, making it straightforward for teenagers to use. This CASIO calculator is battery and solar-operated, offers over 540 functions and is allowed in every UK exam where a calculator can be used. Includes a 3-year guarantee and protective case for added peace of mind.

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CASIO Graphic Calculators

CASIO Home & Office Calculators

CASIO desk calculators are known for their reliability and functionality and are perfect for performing basic calculations quickly. Indispensable tools for any home or professional setting these CASIO calculators feature a user-friendly, simple design and come equipped with a range of useful features, catering to a wide range of mathematical requirements. CASIO desk and pocket calculators allow you to perform simple calculations and advanced equations from the comfort of your own home, workstation, or on-the-go.

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Able to perform the full range of functions needed to take students up to GCSE, A-Level and beyond, CASIO calculators are ideal to see you through maths and science lessons at every level. Designed with high-definition screens and simple navigation, CASIO calculators are fast and straightforward for students to use. Many CASIO calculators are also solar-powered with battery backup to help them last longer, making them perfect for lengthy study sessions and exams.

From basic home and office models suitable for everyday use to advanced scientific and graphing, CASIO calculators are perfect for students and professionals alike.

Whether you're buying for an upcoming exam, back-to-school, home office, or professional setting - CASIO calculators offer advanced functionality and come in a variety of sizes and colours - making them the perfect companion for all of your mathematic needs!