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Get inspiration and practical tips for your home or garden delivered through your letterbox with a subscription to your favourite magazine. With something to cover every niche or hobby, from magazines on food, parenting, technology, pets, sport and more, as well as magazines for children, such as Beano and First News.

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With a subscription to your favourite magazine, you can look forward to the latest editions arriving through your door without the hassle of having to pop to the shops. Whether you are looking to take up a new hobby or you have a particular interest that gets you excited, you can find all of the latest trends, updates and inspiration in our range of magazine subscriptions.

Magazines are a fantastic source of information, tips and news, so whether you like to brush up on political or business current affairs with The Economist or bringing the world to your door with National Geographic - we are dedicated to bringing you fresh, exciting and entertaining reads all year round. Whether it’s food & drink, art, fashion, sports, travel, current affairs, home, gaming or more - here at WHSmith, there’s always an exciting new read to explore.

Why not choose a magazine subscription gift pack to treat your loved one to the gift that keeps on giving! With many magazines coming out on a quarterly or monthly basis, giving someone a subscription ensures that they can experience the pleasure of something new arriving on their doorstep several times a year. Packed with intriguing features, in-depth interviews and more there are magazines to suit almost every interest.