Office Essentials

Set up your office for success with printers, computing equipment, online security software and much more available to order to your home.

Stock Up on Office Supplies at WHSmith

Creating the right space that ensures a productive atmosphere, no matter what size space you are dealing with, can be challenging. Nailing that home office design is so important - so whether you are looking to re-vamp your work space, create a new one or simply add to your current set up; we have you covered.

With a vast array of office essentials from HP and Canon Printers to files and folders, storage units, notebooks, pads, pens and much more we have everything you need to customise your home or office space to suit your needs.

We stock a huge selection of envelopes, boxes, bags and packaging essentials for all your mailing requirements. Plus for peace of mind and to ensure your packages are securely wrapped up, we offer bubble wrap, weighing scales, string, rubber bands and labels. We also stock postage stamps, so you are always ready to post that last-minute letter.

And if you are looking get your accounts or finances organised, you will find a fantastic range of accounting and legal forms to help you along the way, as well as printing calculators, desk calculators and cash boxes to keep those pennies safely tucked away.