WHSmith BookCycle

What is WHSmith BookCycle?

BookCycle is a great way for you to exchange any unwanted or second-hand books filling up your bookshelves at home.

It’s really simple to do - just register your old books on our website here and then take them into a participating store to get your eGift voucher emailed directly to your inbox to spend in-store or online!

Your old books will then be passed on for another reader to enjoy or will be responsibly recycled. Win win!

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below for more info and get exchanging!

WHSmith BookCycle FAQs

What is WHSmith BookCycle?

WHSmith BookCycle is a trade-in books solution to resell your second-hand books quickly and easily.

Customers will need to scan and register their second-hand books via the WHSmith BookCycle website, which will determine a fair value for the book based on criteria such as its condition, the popularity of the title and its demand in the market.

Once registered, the books can be dropped off in any participating WHSmith High Street store in exchange for an e-voucher for the value of the trade-in, which can be used in any WHSmith store or online at whsmith.co.uk.

How do I exchange my books?

Simply click on the 'Get Your eGift Voucher' button above and follow the step-by-step instructions.

What books can I exchange?

All books with a barcode can be returned; any books returned will need to be fit for re-sale. The book CANNOT be returned if it has any of the below:

  • The Author and the Title are missing (inner page)
  • Any pages are torn
  • Any pages are missing
  • Any stains (coffee, tea, etc.) or mould
  • Annotations / Drawings / Pen marks
  • Folds / Dog-eared pages

Where do I exchange my books?

After your registration on www.whsmith.co.uk/whsbookcycle you can take your books to any participating WHSmith store.

What stores can I take my books to?

All participating* UK High Street WHSmith stores.

*Exclusions: Outlet stores, Books by WHSmith at Selfridges, Harrods, Arnotts & Fenwicks stores, Online, and Travel stores including those at airports, railway stations, motorway service stations, hospitals, garden centres and workplaces.

Do books need to be pre-packed or boxed before returning to store?

No. Books do not need to pre-packed or boxed.

How do I get my eGift voucher?

Once your books have been processed in store you will receive a WHSmith e-voucher via the email you registered with on the website. This can be redeemed in store or at whsmith.co.uk.

Where do I get the app?

We currently don’t have an app but the service is available via www.whsmith.co.uk/whsbookcycle which is mobile, desktop and tablet friendly.

Can I have a physical gift card instead – I don’t have a smartphone?

We can only issue e-vouchers that can be redeemed in store with your smartphone - if you don’t have a smartphone, you can print your voucher at home and bring it into store on your next visit. You will need an email address to receive your e-voucher.

How much credit will I get on my eGift voucher?

You will receive an e-voucher with the total repurchased amount of your books as quoted when you scanned your books for return. To know how much we buy your books for, go to www.whsmith.co.uk/whsbookcycle, follow the instructions and scan or enter the ISBN13 barcode on the book.

Where can I spend my eGift voucher?

In all UK WHSmith stores and on www.whsmith.co.uk

How long does it take to get my eGift voucher?

The e-voucher will be generated and sent to your chosen email as soon as our store colleagues process your returned books in store.

How long does my eGift voucher last?

The e-voucher has a standard redemption period of 24mths.

Who are Zeercle?

Zeercle are our partners who offer a solution for the used books, with the majority of the books finding new homes through Zeercle’s resale channels which offer second-hand books at reduced prices.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

For queries related to the WHSmith BookCycle website please contact our partners Zeercle:

  • By email to: support@zeercle.com
  • By post to: ZEERCLE, Customer Service, 2 Stone Buildings, London, England, WC2A 3TH or

For queries related to your eGift Card please contact our Customer Services at WHSmith:

  • customer.relations@whsmith.co.uk

For any other queries please contact:

  • customer.relations@whsmith.co.uk