Computer Mice and Keyboards

Our selection of computer mice and keyboards offer a variety of functions and features to improve your experience. From wireless devices, to ergonomic designs, to top tech releases; there’s plenty here to enhance your time spent on the computer.

Office workers and those who regularly spend time on their PC may find that computer accessories ergonomically designed for comfort and good posture provide some relief from the aches and pains of being sat at a computer all day. Take a look at our comfortable mouse pads and wrist rests for support and comfort.

Wireless computer accessories

We also have a number of wireless keyboards and wireless mice available, offering more manoeuvrability as you work and removing obstructive cables and wires from your desktop. With forward-thinking designs and features, our computer devices are ideal for improving everything from office work to online gaming. Our range includes top quality brands such as Logitech and Fellowes, offering high quality products that you can rely on.

Optimise your computer use with WHSmith

With a variety of colours and styles available to choose from, you can add a pop of colour to your computing set-up, or pick a sleek and contemporary design to complement you PC.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your workspace with new accessories, or you’re looking for an optimum device to enhance your PC gaming or digital creativity, we have a fantastic range of computer accessories for you to browse.

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1 - 12 of 64 Results