Warlord Games

Warlord Games Miniature Gaming at WHSmith

Founded in 2007 in Nottingham, Warlord Games is the world’s largest historical miniatures games company. Award-winning brands such as Bolt Action and Black Powder sit alongside 2000AD Judge Dredd skirmish games for the ultimate table-top gaming experience. Great games, fantastic miniature sculpts, and a thriving community scene all make Warlord Games what it is today.

From sci-fi to fantasy and historical games, you’ll find everything you need to play your favourites or start your journey into the world of miniature tabletop games right here at WHSmith!

What is the Warlord Games Hobby?

Collecting – Gather your forces and make your own unique collections.

Modelling – Assemble your kits as you want through multiple build options.

Painting – Create your own miniature works of art.

Gaming – Engage with friends and fellow gamers by fielding your forces against them.

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