Documentaries and Informative Shows on DVD and Blu Ray

Get under the surface of a particular topic or subject with a documentary or docuseries that provides fascinating insights and perspectives. Covering a variety of interests, you can find informative shows on everything from music, to travel, to the military.

The WHSmith documentaries and special interest selection offer a way to discover more about a fascinating range of personalities, activities, periods of history, locations, elements of nature, and much more. Sit back and enjoy DVD productions which tackle a subject head-on and in many cases take you behind the scenes with real footage which offers an entirely new perspective. Whether your thing is music, travel, nature, or history, you can get an amazing understanding of a subject with these titles.

Discover something new

From learning about DIY and gardening to ideas for cookery, food and drink, these informative DVDs can help you to make the most of a hobby. Learn some tips on a new activity such as yoga or hiking, alternatively, you might want to get the inside track on a destination before booking a holiday there. For music fans, there's the chance to enjoy a 'fly on the wall' look at some of the artists you admire the most, and for those with an interest in history and culture, you can head back in time, with documentaries offering a snapshot of some famous eras of history.

Broaden your horizons from the comfort of your own home, with this range of WHSmith documentaries and special interest DVDs.

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1 - 12 of 7132 Results
1 - 12 of 7132 Results